Is An Apple-Disney Merger On The Horizon? One Disney ‘Insider’ Believes So

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Bob Iger interviewed by ABC

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The speculation and rumors have begun.  According to reports, an unnamed Disney ’Insider’ has predicted that its newly reappointed CEO, Bob Iger, will attempt to sell the company to Apple.

steve jobs (left) and bob iger (right) shaking hands
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This wouldn’t be a farfetched assumption.  Bob Iger and Apple have a history. Iger called Apple co-founder Steve Jobs a close friend and has previously been quoted as stating that if not for Jobs’ death in 2011, The Walt Disney Company and Apple likely would have merged, or at least the negotiation would have taken place.

Acquisitions are part of Iger’s genetic makeup, it seems. Under Iger, Disney spent nearly $100 billion to acquire animation giant Pixar in 2006, superhero comic franchise Marvel in 2009, “Star Wars”-powered Lucasfilm in 2012, and Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox in 2019. But there was one acquisition he’s publicly lamented as a transformational deal that got away — a combination with the tech powerhouse Apple.

As reported by The Wrap, an unnamed insider predicted Iger, who has agreed to stay on as CEO for the next two years, will look to conclude his tenure by selling the company to Apple. “This is the pinnacle deal for the ultimate dealmaker.”

A former Disney executive agreed with the statement, saying, “I think he’d welcome it; he’d be the last CEO of Disney.” The executive also noted that Disney and Apple have similar brand identities and would benefit from a merger.

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Should a deal occur, it would come at a hefty price tag. With a $180 billion market valuation, it’s expected that the cost to buy Disney would be upwards of a $200 billion premium.

The acquisition makes sense in several ways, but most importantly, it would answer the question of who would succeed Iger when he retires.

Do you think a Disney and Apple merger makes sense? Comment below with your opinion.  


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