Bob Iger Is “Bullish” On AI, But Recognizes It Can Be “Disruptive”

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During Disney’s Q2 FY23 Earnings Results Webcast, Disney CEO Bob Iger acknowledged the company’s use of AI but recognized that it “could be very difficult to manage.”

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On May 10, 2023, Disney held an earning results meeting with CEO Bob Iger. During the presentation, the company acknowledged the economic changes that have occurred with the Walt Disney Company and fielded questions.

Some of the topics covered were the effects that the DeSantis Feud would have on earnings, Hulu and Disney+ merging into a single app, new expansions happening for Disney Parks, and even complimented Universal Studios‘ The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) for saving the movie business.

Another topic that Mr. Iger touched on was the company’s use of AI. And while many people have been wary about the topic, Iger seemed to discuss it with gusto.

Bob Iger: “We’re Already Starting To Use AI.”

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When first asked about AI, Bob Iger quipped, “I’m looking forward to a time where maybe AI does earnings calls for me.” However, the Disney CEO quickly got serious about the topic, informing listeners that the Walt Disney Company had already begun using AI.

“AI developments represent some pretty interesting opportunities for us,” Iger said. “In fact, we’re already starting to use AI to create some efficiencies and ultimately to better serve consumers.”

However, Iger was quick to recognize the difficulties of working with artificial intelligence. “It could be extremely difficult to manage, particularly from an IT management perspective.” On top of that, the Disney legal team was working to “try to come to grips with what could be some of the challenges,” specifically in regard to recognizing IP.

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Overall, Bob Iger seems keen on the company using AI in the future, saying, “I’m bullish about the prospects because I think they’ll create efficiencies and ways for us to basically provide better services to customers.”

While some Twitter commenters were quick to note that this is most likely referring to technical and financial positions, many worldwide are worried about how AI can affect creative jobs, especially writing and digital art. Since Disney is such a large company, this could drastically affect the creative community.

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