Disney Adds ‘Incredible’ Piece to Streaming Service

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Disney adds 'Incredible Hulk' the 2008 version, image of Edward Norton and Eric Bana, two different Bruce Banners

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The Disney+ streaming service is taking a beating during 2023, especially with its mass removal of content. After these content disappearances, Disney adds an incredible piece effective June 16, 2023. But what’s so special about this film? Is it for love or money?

Disney adds incredible content while deleting other material
Credit: Pixar

Disney’s decisions tend to involve both. Its choices are indeed curated with a class action lawsuit on the horizon with roots in the platform’s lack of profitability. The proverbial purge removes fan favorites like Willow, Big Shot, Y, and America the Beautiful. It impacts multiple services, ranging from Disney+ to National Geographic.

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Bob Iger with the hulu and disney plus logos tied to gether with wedding rings
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These mass deletions confuse fans as Disney adds an incredible new piece while ridding classics like Black Beauty. Other victims of the culling include 9/11: One Day in America and Little Demon. The logic behind these maneuvers remains unclear, but it shows that the platform is still adding content. It’s the content Disney chooses to add that questions the platform’s stability.

Disney Adds The Incredible Hulk To Its Streaming Platform

Fans of extraordinary strength can rejoice as Disney adds an incredible new series to its original content blend of Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney hodgepodge. The Incredible Hulk premiered back in June of 2008. It wasn’t entirely on par with its MCU counterparts at the time. But, eventually, it grew to a cult following that combined critical acclaim and long-term success.

For those long out of the loop or who just need a reminder of the good old days, The Incredible Hulk 2008 is a remake of the 2003 film. The world loved Edward Norton more than Eric Bana, making the ’08 version much more popular. It takes something extraordinary to bring Bruce Banner to life. And now he’s revived on the small screen.

Edward Norton as Hulk as Disney adds Incredible new content
Credit: Marvel Studios

It’s unclear what resurrects it after such a long slumber and back and forth on the platform. Regardless, it’s still a throwback to simpler times. It’s been 15 years since the release of the film. Maybe Disney adding The Incredible Hulk is another indicator of how times change.

It could also be the sustainability of the MCU fandom, depending on loyalty to a title as a way of retaining audiences. Since it premiers on Disney+ on June 16, 2023, The Incredible Hulk has yet to prove itself in the cutthroat world of digital streaming.

Will you watch the new movie even as Disney adds great content while removing equal (if not better) material? Share your motivations in the comments below!

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