‘Captain America 4’ Could Introduce the Most Dangerous Hulk

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red hulk in marvel comics captain america 4

Credit: Marvel Comics

Captain America 4 became a massive piece of news today as the film finally revealed its new title. The new MCU sequel was initially called New World Order but has dumped that title instead of Brave New World. This news came with a brand-new set photo, giving us the best look at Anthony Mackie’s new suit, along with Harrison Ford seemingly giving Mackie advice. However, further clues in this photo could have revealed the introduction of the most dangerous Hulk.

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Credit: Inside The Magic

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For those who might not know, Thaddeus Ross is a remarkable man within the confines of Marvel’s continuity. Apart from rising through the ranks and becoming President of the United States, a fact that will be explored in Captain America 4, he is also hellbent on stopping Bruce Banner/Hulk.

When The Incredible Hulk (2008) was released, the world got a small instance of the lengths that Thaddeus Ross attempted to stop Bruce Banner. He was even instrumental in creating Abomination, who rampaged the city before being stopped.

However, Ross goes through even more nefarious means to fight the Hulk by becoming Red Hulk in the comics. This transformation might have been revealed via a new set photo for Captain America 4.

‘Captain America 4’ Could Introduce Red Hulk

Next ‘Captain America’ Film Gets an Interestingly New Title, Along With Our First Glimpse at Our Hero
Credit: MCU – The Direct – taken from the social media account of Anthony Mackie

Though the above set photo revealed the new title of Captain America 4, which is fantastic, something even more exciting is being shown. Harrison Ford is sitting in his chair, wearing what appears to be frayed black pants. Ford is set to take over as Thaddeus Ross from the late William Hurt.

What we do know is that Ross, in this movie, has risen to become President of the United States. However, what would cause the President to be wearing frayed pants? Well, turning into the Red Hulk would certainly indicate that transformation. While the above image only shows this could be true, we imagine Marvel will not outright confirm his detail.

We could see Ross turn into Red Hulk in a future trailer, which will likely not be released until the end of the year. Captain America 4 isn’t released until May 2024, so an end-of-the-year trailer sounds like something the MCU would put together. Still, that trailer might only be a teaser, but it would destroy the internet if it contained Ross turning into Red Hulk.

Who is Red Hulk?

Red Hulk transformation
Credit: Marvel Comics

Red Hulk is who Thaddeus Ross turns into so that he might finally stop Hulk. Initially, he is given the same type of gamma radiation that Bruce Banner was given, effectively turning Ross into something he hates.

Though Red Hulk is as powerful as Hulk, his powers are more frightening. Red Hulk does not get stronger the angrier he gets. He gets hotter the madder he gets. This heat is so powerful that it is said to melt Spider-Man’s webs and immediately melt desert sand. However, the hotter Red Hulk gets, the weaker he becomes—allowing him to be dispatched quickly by Hulk.

Red Hulk is as strong as Hulk but can also absorb energy to metabolize into increased strength. He also has increased endurance and durability, making him a scary foe. Should Captain America 4 introduce Red Hulk, we imagine the MCU Hulk will also enter the fray to stop his counterpart.

William Hurt as Thaddeus Ross
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Even though we have not seen how he plans to portray the character, Harrison Ford replacing William Hurt as Thaddeus Ross is a huge win, especially if he is set to transform into Red Hulk. Should this happen, we might see the makings of World War Hulk or Planet Hulk, two stories that Marvel fans have been begging for.

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