Anti-LGBTQ+ Protestors Attacked by Disneyland Guest

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Anti-LGBTQ protestors at Disneyland

Credit: @CitzenGO on Twitter

Disneyland is celebrating Pride Month in a major show of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

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The Park announced it would be hosting its first ever Pride event, revealing Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite. The event would take place over two nights for Guests wanting to attend and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. While reviews for the event are overwhelmingly positive, with many hopeful the event will be an annual occurance, not everyone was happy about Disneyland “pushing” a queer agenda.

Celebrating Disney Pride | Credit: Disney
Celebrating Disney Pride | Credit: Disney

Protestors showed up in the Mickey and Friends parking structure yesterday with trucks projecting images telling Guests to “reject Disney’s LGBTQ push” and “preserve the magic of childhood.” Protestors were also found outside the entrance to the Park, holding signs with similar phrases.

Many expressed their annoyance and outrage of the protests on social media, but one Guest expressed her disgust in person. The protests were organized by Citizen Go who took to Twitter to share a video of a campaigner being “harassed, assaulted, and mistreated during [their] peaceful demonstration at Disneyland.” The Tweet continues on to say “LGTBQ+ activists claim to be on the side of ‘love and understanding’ but it’s very clear time and time again that they are often violent and hateful bullies.”

Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite character concept art
Credit: Disney

As several comments and responses point out, the Guest in the video did not harass, assault, or mistreat any protestor. What she did do was face off against the protestor for a second before ripping the sign out of his hands and throwing it to the ground before walking away. The person recording did confront her, to which she replied, “go ahead, show me on video! Show me on TikTok! Did I hit him?”

Other comments were quick to point out that the protestors were actually the ones doing the harassing of other Guests and the LGBTQ+ community. Others made jokes about the sign being the one bullied, with @PixieDustVibes posting a video saying “In memoriam of Owen, the sign” as responses praised the Guest for taking action.

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