Netflix Takes a Massive Shot at Disney with ‘Nimona’ Trailer

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Nimona giving evil devil horns while Ballister Boldheart looks confused in the background

Credit: Netflix

After being shut down by Disney when they bought Blue Sky Studios, the animated film Nimona (2023) is back in full swing with an exciting trailer that isn’t afraid to take shots at the multimedia conglomerate.

Nimona smirking with Ballister Boldheart in the background
Credit: Netflix

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Based on the webcomic/graphic novel created by ND Stevenson, Nimona tells the story of the titular Nimona, a teenage shape-shifter, as they try to become the sidekick for Lord Ballister Blackheart, a knight who must prove his innocence of a crime he didn’t commit. This all comes to a head when Ballister Blackheart realizes that Nimona may be the monster he had sworn to kill.

However, the movie isn’t technically supposed to exist since Disney shut down the production process. Naturally, the trailer for the movie set to release in June takes a chance to go after the animation juggernaut.

‘Nimona’ Wants Revenge on Disney

Nimona using hand-drawn art to attack a princess
Credit: Netflix

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Originally in production with Blue Sky Studios, the studio behind the Ice Age moviesNimona was canceled months away from being finished when Disney acquired the company and swiftly shut down production. Rumors circulated from a Blue Sky employee that this was because the film heavily features LGBTQ+ themes and Disney “systematically censors queer content.”

Netflix picked up the project in 2022 and cast Chloë Grace Moretz as Nimona and Academy Award-winner Riz Ahmed as the re-named Ballister Boldheart. Needless to say, the wounds left by Disney were deep, and the production team made sure their opinion of Walt’s company was known in the trailer.

The trailer begins with a hand-drawn version of the usual Disney Princess scenario: a beautiful princess in a tower sings to birds to make her a dress. However, one bird comes in and breathes fire onto the royal lady. As the bird turns into a dragon and burns down the entire castle, it is revealed that this is Nimona, and they aren’t your typical cartoon lead.

The trailer also shows some great examples of Nimona’s transformation ability, with Nimona becoming a gorilla, a rhinoceros, and even a whale to wreak havoc on those around her. You also get a brief view of Lord Ballister Boldheart amid a vicious battle.

Nimona will premiere at the Annecy Animation Festival in mid-June, and it will arrive on Netflix on June 30.

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