Disney Rock Group Finally Makes Billboard Debut

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There are several musical artists that have Disney origins. Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and so many more got their start through Disney or the Disney Channel in the mid-2000s at it seems as though the trend continues to this day. Now, however, the artists are coming from Disney+ series rather than the Disney Channel, like the latest Muppets series.

Muppets Mayhem cast gathers around
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The Muppets Mayhem debuted on Disney+ last week, and is the latest Muppets media to come from Disney. It’s been well-loved by fans so far, receiving the highest review score on Rotten Tomatoes in a decade. The demand for Muppets media and Park presence has been high since Disney acquired the rights to the Jim Henson characters in 2004. Unfortunately, it seems as though Disney hasn’t been too sure of how to handle the franchise, as fans say it’s been largely ignored or left behind by The Walt Disney Company compared to its other IPs. Thankfully it seems as though Disney has broken that image with the latest show.

Muppets Mayhem
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The Muppets Mayhem follows Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band as they set out to create their first platinum-selling album while dealing with the intricacies of the modern music business. The series features a vast amount of cameos from celebrities like Lil Nas X, Paula Abdul, Cheech and Chong, and many other artists. The show’s success has seen the band’s fictional dream come to real-life fruition as The Electric Mayhem Band is officially a Billboard-charting group, “nearly a half-century after their on-screen debut.”

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The news comes from Billboard’s most recent roundup of first-time artists to make the list, with the album, “The Muppets Mayhem: Music From the Disney+ Original Series” hitting the Kid Albums chart at number 13. The album features 22 songs, five of which are from composer Mick Giaachino and 17 songs credited to Dr. Teeth and the Band, which is a mix of original songs and covers of popular songs from the past several decades.

The Muppets Office Show
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First appearing on-screen in 1975, this marks the first time that Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Band has charted. Their success also spreads to Amazon, where they’re listed at number three, and iTunes, where they sit at number six. The series (and the music) has found a home with kids and adults alike, and with fans hopeful for a second season, this could be just the beginning for the Muppet rockers.

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