Could Aubrey Plaza’s Teased ‘Darkhold Diaries’ Be a ‘Princess Diaries’ Tribute a la ‘WandaVision?’

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Aubrey Plaza as the Christmas Witch on the Today Show

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We have a theory about Aubrey Plaza’s Instagram post about “The Darkhold Diaries.”

Earlier today, from the set of the upcoming Marvel series Agatha: Coven of Chaos, actress Aubrey Plaza tweeted a zoomed-in picture of a logo printed on a black piece of fabric. The logo read “The Darkhold Diaries” in the same font as the title styling for the Disney live-action classic The Princess Diaries, starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.

Credit: Aubrey Plaza Instagram, Marvel

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It was not immediately clear from the photo what exactly it was a picture of, but based on a similar post from the Instagram account of actor Joe Locke, it was likely the back of a production chair.

The picture in question read “Agatha of Westview” in the Hulu series Mare of Easttown style. Based on this information and Aubrey Plaza’s post, we can extrapolate a few things.

agnes of westview chair backing agatha coven of chaos
Credit: Joe Locke/Instagram

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Number one, we know that we will likely rejoin Agatha as her alter ego, Agnes, in the sitcom version of Westview, where the Scarlet Witch trapped her at the end of WandaVison; in other words, Coven of Chaos will probably pick up where the previous series left off.

Number two, given that these two photos constitute a pattern, it’s very likely that the new show will follow a similar way to WandaVision as well – although instead of the homages being to the sitcoms of different decades, Coven of Chaos will be freer about referencing random Disney-owned properties.

Based on these conclusions, we have to guess that these logos represent the names of a couple of the episodes in the series. Here are our guesses as to what those episodes will be about.

Agnes of Westview

kathryn hahn as agnes (left) and elizabeth olsen as wanda (right) in wandavision
Credit: Marvel Studios

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We’re sure that if these are episode titles, “Agnes of Westview” will be the first.

Since the show Mare of Easttown is about a suburban woman trying to investigate a teenage mother who was murdered, we’re guessing that Agnes will launch an investigation of her own. Perhaps she’s wondering where her neighbors could have gone – or maybe the boys and the sitcom version of Vision are still there, just conspicuously missing a mother.

Either way, the investigation will likely begin to unravel Agatha’s life, similar to how Mare Sheehan does in her show. Eventually, this will probably lead to her breaking the spell on her or sending her into some kind of flashback, which brings us to…

The Darkhold Diaries

Aubrey Plaza dressed as a witch on Good Morning America
Credit: ABC

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Here’s where our theory gets a little off the wall. This second part of the hypothesis hinges on three facts:

  1. Agatha was the one in possession of the Darkhold, a powerful ancient book of evil spells, at the beginning of WandaVision.
  2. We don’t know how she got it or how long she’s had it, but we do know that her coven turned against her because she was dabbling in magic that was “too powerful.”
  3. Aubrey Plaza could pass for a young Kathryn Hahn.

You can probably see where we’re going with this – wherever it lands in the series, we’re guessing that the “Darkhold Diaries” episode will tell the story of how a young Agatha Harkness came to have the Darkhold.

Picture this: Young Agatha (Plaza), long before she sucks the life out of them. She thinks she’s a relatively normal, albeit unremarkable, teenager in the 17th century, until suddenly her mysterious, estranged grandmother comes to visit, informing her that she’s a witch, the heir to a great power – and she has to decide whether to accept it.

Perhaps her character making that decision in the flashback will prompt Agnes to remember her true identity – that seems thematically consistent with the type of thing this writing team often does.

This is, of course, all wild conjecture – and we won’t know what “Agatha of Westview” and “The Darkhold Diaries” really are for a while. While Agatha: Coven of Chaos was initially slated to come out in 2023, Marvel has reevaluated and adjusted their release schedule to be less densely packed. That’s not to mention the writers’ strike, which will cause untold delays if it is not resolved soon.

Coven of Chaos will likely come out sometime in 2024.

Do you think Aubrey Plaza is teasing the Darkhold Diaries? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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