Warner Bros. and Max Release ‘Harry Potter’ Teaser

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Harry and the Hogwarts Express

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A Harry Potter teaser from Warner Bros? Already?

Harry Potter, Hermione Jean Granger and Ron Weasley with a background of a castle burning and on the side is a game called Hogwarts Legacy.
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Whether fans like it or not, more Harry Potter is coming. Well, not more per se, but rather a reboot series based on the books, coming to Max, formerly HBO Max, produced by Warner Bros. For many, it certainly doesn’t seem that long ago since the release of the original Harry Potter movies, but like the Hogwarts Express, the new series seems inexorable and will hit streaming sooner than fans and detractors alike might think.

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There are many reasons why Warner Bros. probably shouldn’t make a new Harry Potter series: the author is still embroiled in controversy, which she refuses to back down from, there is plenty of decent Harry Potter content already, and without key players like John Williams, who’s amazing score lent so much to those first films will it ever really be the same?

Great Hall
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Of course, there are one or two good reasons to approach a remake this early on: there were many great details from the books that were left out of the films simply due to time constraints. A long-form series would certainly allow for the inclusion of such scenes, which might be enough to draw fans in once again. However, the main reason for a remake, as almost everyone knows, has to be revenue.

Universal Orlando
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Warner bros. owns the film rights to the Harry Potter franchise, and the success of Hogwarts Legacy proves that there’s still money to be made from the Wizarding World. If done well, the series will cost the studio a pretty penny, yes, but if people are willing to pay for Hogwarts Legacy, they might be willing to pay for Max and counterbalance those costs.

Phineas Nigellus Black in Hogwarts Legacy
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In order to get enough people on board, however, Warner Bros and Max have to hit the franchise hard, which is just what they did this week…already. Without a cast or promotional material to speak of, the studio just released new promotional material for the Harry Potter franchise on Max, as reported by The Direct. So what did they use if there’s no cast, no footage, and no photos? The film which was released 22 years ago.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter being shocked
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That’s right, on their official Twitter account, still called HBO Max, the company released a clip from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001), which, while not promoting the series individually, promotes not only the film being available on the streaming service but the franchise as a whole:

@hbomax said:

The one to watch when you’re tired of being a Muggle.

The #HarryPotter films will be streaming May 23 on Max. Subscription required. #StreamOnMax

It seems like, at least for now, Warner Bros’ strategy will be to play off the nostalgia of early fans, evoking memories they had of watching the early films and reading the books. To be fair to the studio, independent of JK Rowling, the movies and material are quality: it’s clear that the production teams, the actors, the crew, the composer, and everyone involved were passionate about the story and created something wonderful, and very close to the books already.

Richard Harris as Dumbledore in Harry Potter
Credit: Warner Bros.

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The question remains: will this strategy work? Will appeal to the nostalgia of early Harry Potter fans be enough to win over a large enough fan base to make their money back? Or will people not be moved, and the series fall flat? The other question will be what kind of talent they’ll be able to gather for it and if it will even measure up to the original movies. Warner Bros must be confident, using the classics to promote the franchise…

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