“We Wants the Redhead!” Pirates of the Caribbean Reopens, Includes Controversial Scene

in Tokyo Disneyland

The Redhead Woman on the left, looking at 'Pirates of the Caribbean' sign of the attraction at Disney Tokyo

Credit: Inside the Magic

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of Disney’s most iconic attractions, but it’s still undergone its fair share of updates over the years.

First opened at Disneyland back in 1967, Pirates of the Caribbean holds the prestigious title of being the last ride overseen by Walt Disney himself.

pirates of the caribbean exterior disney world
Credit: Disney

Today you can find versions at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Shanghai Disneyland, where the ride received a total tech overhaul (and a lot of inspiration from the movies of the same name) to become Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure.

Guests riding the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Parks other than Shanghai experience something not too far from the original 1960s rendition. It has, however, been “plussed” numerous times by Disney Imagineering. 

Several scenes have been removed or added over the years, as have new animatronics featuring Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) following the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006). Some scenes have also been altered, including a chase scene where drunken pirates originally chased a woman (but now specifically chase a woman carrying food).

Redd takes over the pirates' auction
Credit: Disney

The goal was to eliminate any insensitive, not-so-Disney references towards women in the attraction. In 2017, Disney announced plans to again alter the ride for the same reason. This time, the iconic scene in question saw a woman with red hair auctioned off to pirates, who leer, “We wants the redhead!”

As of 2018, said redhead is known as Redd, who is now the auctioneer, not the auctionee. Disneyland Paris, Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland all temporarily closed their respective attractions to change their auction scenes in such a way – and when Tokyo Disneyland closed its own Pirates of the Caribbean in September 2022, many Disney fans assumed it would do the same.

Guests ride a boat on Tokyo Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Tokyo Disneyland

But after its longest-ever refurbishment, Pirates of the Caribbean reopened in Tokyo on April 7 with the redhead auction scene intact.

Twitter user @FiBelleFi shared a video from the ride’s reopening in which the redhead is, unlike her American and French counterparts, still very much available for auction.

Tokyo Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride is due to close again in October, which does provide another opportunity to update the attraction. However, considering this closure is for just under a month (it closes from October 9 to October 27), it seems unlikely that this will spell the end for the red-headed auctionee.

Are you for or against Disney keeping the “we wants the redhead” scene in Pirates of the Caribbean? Let us know in the comments!

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