Guests Experience Addiction Symptoms After Visiting Disney Parks

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Visiting the Disney Parks like Walt Disney World and Disneyland has been an undeniably joyful experience for generations of Guests since the ’60s, but the same cannot be said for returning home. A major consensus of fans will say that the worst ride on Disney property is the bus that takes them back to the airport. Needless to say, it is only a short time before Guests experience withdrawal symptoms after a long Disney vacation.

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The sad truth about the happiest places on earth is that they’re not always the easiest trip to pursue. Disney trips are definitely vacations to scrimp and save for, meaning they can be exceptionally rare for even the most dedicated fans. So how do fans cope between Disney Park visits?

Getting Your Disney Parks Fix

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Disney’s fanbase is one of the most vocal and loyal in all of popular culture. In fact, some have even discussed Disney fans exhibiting cult-like behavior. The fact that some fans are craving a “Disney fix” between Parks shouldn’t be that much of a shocker.

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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld literally asked the question, “What do you do to get your Disney fix between visits?” While a Disney addiction is significantly less detrimental than other substances, fans were quick to share their coping mechanisms when they aren’t in the Parks.

The Sights, the Sounds

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Disney has proven themselves to be masters of environmental manipulation time and time again, but it looks like fans are quickly learning how to recreate the phenomenon in their own homes. With the aid of Disney-inspired candles and theme-park music loops on Youtube, Disney Park Guests have brought some of Disney’s sensory magic into their own habitats.

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u/kgaviation shares their methods by posting,

“Buy Disney scented candles (eg. Magic Candle Company). I have a bunch right now and they smell so accurate! My mom and I also each have the Scentsy 50th EARidescent wax melt brick which smells like the resort lobby’s. My mom also has a Bath and Body Works candle called Lakeside Morning that smells almost exactly like Pirates of the Caribbean! I love all of the Disney smells, so making my house smell like Disney really makes me feel like I’m there!”

To which u/IAmNotYourMouse adds,

“I totally agree! ThreeCheekyChicks has a scent that’s almost 100% Goofy’s Candy Company. Pair that with some Disney Springs BGM and it’s absolutely remarkable…”

Enter the Game Grid

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Disney Interactive is famous for creating many beloved games that utilize their films, projects, and characters. Naturally, the Disney Parks aren’t excluded from the virtual world either.

u/MaesterInTraining highly recommends visiting a virtual kingdom by writing,

“If you can find one and afford it, get an Xbox (even an old one) and the Disneyland game. I think it was around 2013? My ex had an Xbox and downloaded it for me and oh man did I LOVE running around. It’s not WDW but it’s so similar to MK that it should really hit the spot”

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If gamers need something more modern and readily available, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim game that’s way more accessible across multiple consoles. According to the thread, it seems to be a popular way to fill the void, especially for those who love Disney’s Meet and Greets.

u/christmastree47 suggests,

“The video game Disney Dreamlight Valley is a great way to get a fix. It’s basically a Disney themed combo of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.”

Disney Parks on Disney+

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Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing an absolute binge on Disney+ when you’re absolutely dying for a piece of the Parks. Fortunately, Disney knows what their fans crave, and there are dozens of choices for subscribers to enjoy.

A few users are singing the praises of Behind the Attraction, stating how it provides a much more intimate and in depth look at the rides of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

u/Low_Departure_5853 writes,

“I really enjoyed “Behind the Attraction” on Disney+. Theres some travel shows that go there, too.”

To which u/ballerburg007 replies,

“Such a great show. Another great show is the Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. My kids have learned the animals names etc so when we go they try and find their favorites from the show. Animal Kingdom is our favorite park behind Magic Kingdom so we tend to watch this show a lot.

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A trip to any of the Disney Parks is a special event, but most of us realistically can’t go as much as we’d like to. Fortunately, there are more than a few ways for fans to satisfy their cravings until their next visit. Are we addicted to Disney’s brand of magic? Maybe, but at least there are more than a few ways to get our fix and scratch that itch.

How do you get your “Disney fix?” Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!







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