Theme Park Where Grandmother Died Helping Child Left Eerily Abandoned and Rotting

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Jazzland/ Six Flags New Orleans abandoned theme park

Credit: Bright Sun Films / Factual America Podcast via YouTube

Theme parks are meant to spark joy, magic, and amusement, and create memories for all those who visit. But this abandoned theme park contains more devastating history than just its own death at the hands of Mother Nature.

A view of Aquaman: Power Wave and the rest of Six Flags Over Texas
Credit: Six Flags

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There are a ton of theme parks spread across North America. From heavyweights like Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and Tennessee’s Dollywood, to all the small amusement parks that litter the United States, these places are frequented by millions every year.

And while many theme parks are shined and polished to welcome those Guests, there are some spread throughout the world that are abandoned and rotting, left for the outdoors to reclaim; a mass of metal and nature in an eerie juxtaposition of time-altered weathering.

One of these Parks is the Six Flags company’s Six Flags New Orleans.

Medusa at Six Flags Mexico
Credit: Six Flags

Six Flags New Orleans began its life as Jazzland and opened in 2000. Amid financial struggles, the theme park was acquired by the Six Flags company and rebranded as Six Flags New Orleans. However, it would shutter forever after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in 2005 and destroyed more than just the Six Flags theme park, leaving Louisiana devastated.

Six Flags New Orleans spent much of its time post-2005 underwater, and now 18 years on, alligators now inhabit the theme park and nature has begun to reclaim the space on which the theme park stands.

Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America managed to collate a series of photographs of the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans, showcasing the eerie quietness of it all, as well as the rotting attractions left destroyed by the hurricane.

But, two years before Hurricane Katrina wiped out the theme park, another devastating incident occurred.

Graffitied Spongebob Squarepants ride at Six Flags New Orleans abandoned theme park
Credit: Abandoned Southeast

Twenty years ago, in 2003, 52-year-old Rosa Donaldson was helping her four-year-old grandson get strapped into the Joker’s Jukebox attraction while the rider vehicles were about 3 feet off of the ground. It is not clear how Ms. Donaldson was able to enter the attraction area after it had seemingly begun to operate, and it is here that the theme park Guest was struck by another car — once in the head and again in the pelvis.

The 52-year-old grandmother was rushed to Lakeland Medical Center but died from her injuries.

At the time, AP reported on the incident. They said:

Donaldson’s sister, Dianne Bowens, said she was told Donaldson was fastening her 4-year-old grandson into the ride, called Joker’s Jukebox. The ride, with spinning cars set on arms that move, started, and Donaldson was hit in the head by one car and then struck again, she said.

Joker's Jukebox attraction at Six Flags New Orleans abandoned theme park
Credit: Matthew Christopher Photography / Abandoned America

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The future of Six Flags New Orleans is currently unknown. After close to two decades of standing quiet, of redevelopment requests, and proposals, Bayou Phoenix was officially chosen to redevelop the site on March 7, 2023, after an agreement was finally reached.

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