Zack Snyder Responds to SnyderVerse Being Sold to Netflix

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Zack Sndyer with Henry Cavill (left), Gal Gadot (middle), and Jason Momoa (right)

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The days of the DCEU are growing to a close, but that has not stopped fans loyal to Zack Snyder and his “SnyderVerse” from attempting to sway Warner Bros. to allow the director to finish his work. Though the fanbase was successful in its initial campaign to get the Snyder Cut of Justice League (2021) released, things might not be so easy moving forward.

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One of the biggest rumors circling or perpetuating by fans is the selling of the SnyderVerse to Netflix. This rumor has taken a life of its own, much like the other campaigns involved in this DC debacle. It is likely because Snyder is engaging in his own film festival in Pasadena, California, which will showcase Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Man of Steel (2013), and Batman v Superman (2016).

Although Snyder might be trying to play coy about showing these movies in theaters, this could be his attempt to convince Warner Bros. to finish his work.

Zack Snyder Has Little “Influence” Over Sales Rumors

Zack Snyder is likely hounded everywhere he goes about his influence on DC, or rather, the past era of DC. Now, it appears the growing conversation is about how fans want to see his SnyderVerse sold to Netflix so that it may find new life.

This led to Snyder clearing the air on The Film Junkee YouTube page. Snyder said, “The truth is, I mean, it would be amazing if… Whatever control over the IP that exists, I don’t… That’s not my part, that’s not my role. That’s, as they say, above my pay grade… But I would say, look… I’ll say one thing: Warner Bros., as far as this screening/event is concerned, have been incredible.”

The nearly five-hour interview goes into depth with Zack Snyder, but he has stated that he has little to no “influence” on if Warner Bros. could be swayed into selling his creative works to Netflix. To be honest, that is not a likely scenario simply because the DCU is here.

Could the SnyderVerse Find A New Home?

It is likely no scenario that would involve Warner Bros. selling off one of its most profitable pieces of creation. Despite the messy situation that the DCEU got into, Snyder’s creations were still a hit at the box office. We understand that the man would undoubtedly want to “finish” his work, but DC is likely to want to have rival streaming companies pushing the same type of IP.

James Gunn is now the CEO of DC Films and has already revealed his slate of movies and shows that are set to be released. It would not make sense for Warner Bros. to sell the SnyderVerse to Netflix so that Gunn’s new direction can be competed against.

The issue with DC has always been its continuity, which Gunn plans to attack head-on. He already revealed that the DCU would combine its efforts from video games, shows, and movies to create an overarching universe that makes sense, much like what Marvel has been doing for nearly two decades.

Zack Snyder will always hold a place in the hearts of DC fans, especially after his Snyder Cut of Justice League was released. However, he had his shot, and now it’s time for things to move forward. Despite how people feel about Gunn, he has yet to be given his shot to show the kind of content he is known for making. He won the world over with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and the same can be said for The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker.

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Gunn is the future, and Snyder is the past.

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