What’s Happening With ‘Kingdom Hearts 4’?

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Kingdom hearts 4

This past weekend, during the official Kingdom Hearts concert in Japan, the director of the video game series came out on stage and had an interesting interaction with the composer.

Kingdom Hearts 4 footage
Credit: Square Enix

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Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced last year at Square Enix’s 20th-anniversary celebration for the series. Since then, not much news has surfaced about the game. The previous installment to the series (excluding the spin-offs), Kingdom Hearts 3, was in development for over five years and had a fourteen-year gap between the 2005 Kingdom Hearts 2.

Kingdom hearts series
Credit: Square Enix

It’s safe to assume this game will also take its time in the development stages, but that doesn’t mean fans can wait that long. Fans are itching to learn anything about the series’ next big chapter; which characters will be featured, and which Disney IP will Sora visit next? Will Marvel and Star Wars be intergraded into the series? The list of questions goes on.

However,  at the -Second Breath- concert, an official orchestral concert of Kingdom Hearts music performed by a full concert band, fans were surprised to see an interaction on stage that left them with more questions than answers.

Tetsuya Nomura, the designer and director of the Kingdom Hearts series walked out on stage and spoke with composer Yoko Shimomura in front of the whole audience. The conversation between the two was transcribed on Twitter.

Essentially, Nomura told Shimomura that after the last Kingdom Hearts event, there was some impactful news “that determined the direction of the Kingdom Hearts series.” When Shimomura made it clear that she had no idea what he was talking about,  Nomura said, “I’ll tell you backstage.”

And that was it. It was enough to get audiences riled up with curiosity and confusion. The conversation that took place backstage has yet to be shared, so fans are left wondering what exactly Nomura was referring to. Some were quick to assume this could be bad news for the series. Others noticed the excited expression on Nomura’s face when he was talking to Shimomura on stage, causing them to believe that it was all positive.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Credit: Disney

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Maybe Nomura has officially been granted access to all the new IPs that Disney has acquired in the past few years since the series started. Maybe Sora will not only visit Marvel and Star Wars but perhaps even the world of Avatar. Or on the other hand, Nomura might be taking the whole franchise in a new direction.

Whatever got him excited enough to come out and speak with Shimomura must be important. But for now, all fans can do is speculate even more.

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