Plastic Disney Character Mask Once Melted Into Disneyland Guest’s Face

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Disneyland Resort opened on July 17, 1955, and many things have changed in the decades since Walt Disney welcomed Guests of all ages into Disneyland Park. Since day one, character performers have dressed up like Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses, inviting awed Guests into stories they’d previously only seen on screen.

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Disney Character costumes have evolved alongside technology and pop culture. Nowadays, some vintage Disney characters appear straight out of a horror movie. As with any change, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure character costume updates aren’t always perfect on the first try. Reddit user u/The_Woman_S recently shared a terrifying story from their mother, a Disneyland Resort Cast Member and character performer through the 1960s and 70s.

snow white by wishing well at EPCOT Germany pavilion
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“They were testing a new headpiece for the seven dwarf costumes in Disneyland and my mom wore one of them out on a march with Snow White. As a Dwarf, your head is inside their hat, their face on their stomach, etc.,” the user explained. “Being Anaheim, it was really hot that summer day.”

“As they were going around following Snow White a little kid saw my mom ‘Doc’ he ran up to give him/her a hug,” they continued. “As he was hugging Doc, the plastic that made up the face started melting inwards and the child started screaming ‘I killed Doc! I killed Doc!’ In hysterics.”

seven dwarfs footage snow whites enchanted wish
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The character performer was quickly escorted backstage by attendants. Thankfully, Disney Cast Members removed the costume before the plastic melted onto the performer’s face. But it certainly made a lifelong memory for the Guest and performer alike!

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