Marvel Star Arrested For Trying To Steal Used Cooking Oil

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The world seemingly gets more and more expensive every year, which leads to many people engaging in nefarious activities to try and survive. Well, that is to say, sometimes people think a bad idea is a good idea. That is the case for a former Marvel star who has now been arrested for a bizarre crime.

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Mutant X was a series that was put together in the early 2000s, though this was quite a few years before the incomparable Marvel Cinematic Universe was born, which was started by Iron Man. The series followed a team of “new mutants” who all gained extraordinary power through the process of genetic engineering.

Oddly, the series had nothing to do with the Mutant X comics, though that could have been a licensing issue between Marvel and the network that produced the show. One of the stars of the show was Forbes March, who portrayed a mutant named Jesse Kilmartin, who has the ability to make his body dense and impervious to harm.

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However, things might have been tough on Forbes March since the series ended in 2004, as the former Marvel star was arrested for grand larceny. His crime involves attempting to steal used cooking oil from a restaurant.

While stealing used oil might sound like a bizarre act, it is apparently used in making homemade gasoline, which we all know is quite expensive these days. A statement from the Ulster Police Department in Hudson County, New York stated that the oil that March tried to steal was worth up to $1,000.

March and an accomplice named Oscar Guardado were siphoning the oil from a container in the back of Michael’s Diner in Ulster, New York. The container belongs to Buffalo Biodiesel, a company that has reported millions of dollars worth of theft in the past few years.

Both March and Guardado were arrested and charged with the Felony of grand larceny in the fourth degree.

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Marvel may be a powerhouse right now, but the early days were certainly nowhere near as lucrative as they are now. Forbes March was one of the leads in the Mutant X series, which ran for three seasons and was syndicated. However, the series ended around 20 years ago, which may have been why the man has seemingly fallen on hard times.

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