Jeremy Renner Shares Letter From Nephew He Saved In Horrific Accident

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Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in Avengers: Endgame

Credit: Marvel Studios

Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye in the MCU, but the man is also known as a real-life hero. Renner was in a horrific snowplow accident back on January 1, when it was reported that Renner was helping out a friend and had been crushed by a snowplow.

Jeremy Renner in Hospital
Credit: Jeremy Renner via Instagram

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More details began to release, including the reveal that Renner was saving one of his family members. The snowplow started to slide towards the young boy, leading to the actor leaping to action.

Instead of the boy being potentially crushed by the heavy machinery, he was pushed out of the way, leaving Jeremy Renner to take the damage. Renner was left with a severely mangled leg, chest injury, and more.

Now, that nephew wrote a note to him, which the actor has since shared on his personal Instagram page. Prepare those tissues, people.

screenshot from Jeremy Renner IG
Credit: Jeremy Renner Instagram

In the above image, his nephew Auggie thanked his uncle for saving his life. The letter reads, “I am very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye (which is one of the Avengers),” the letter reads. “I am also very lucky that my uncle is alive from his accident.”

We also are very happy (or lucky) that Jeremy Renner escaped this accident without losing his life. The actor is undoubtedly Hawkeye while on camera and even off camera.

Since the accident, Renner has been updating his fans, often posting about his journey in the hospital. He received a head massage and “spa day” from his sister and also thanked everyone while remaining in the ICU unit.

Thankfully, he was able to return home a couple of months after the accident and was still busy announcing his projects. Renner’s series Mayor of Kingstown saw its second season premiere, and he stated he would finally be home to watch the premiere with his family.

Jeremy Renner
Credit: Disney

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Also, Jeremy Renner revealed that his new Disney+ show was going forward. It is aptly titled Rennervations and follows the man as he travels across the states to fix old vehicles into something that can be used for people in need. For example, an episode of the series will feature the actor working on turning an old delivery tuck into a water treatment facility.

It is fantastic that he is not letting his injury get the better of him, and he certainly has support from everyone around the world, including his nephew Auggie. We certainly wish him a speedy recovery.

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