Guest Vandalizes and Defaces Iconic Disney Castle in New Video

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A Guest visiting Disney did the unthinkable, sharing their prohibited act online to the dismay of thousands.

Yellow, red, and green skyliner gondolas sail with Disney's Hollywood Studios in the far distance.
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In the past few months, Inside the Magic has reported on several incidents at the Disney Parks. At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, several Guests have exposed themselves to others, either while in the Parks or on Disney’s Skyliner service.

Another Guest has found themselves embroiled in controversy after successfully cheating Disney’s ride height requirements for their child. The Guest, a family vlogger, built their kid custom shoes that made them taller, allowing them to experience a ride they would have normally not been allowed on.

Things aren’t much better at the Disneyland Paris Resort, with Guests hopping barriers and jumping on parade floats.

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Unfortunately, this trend of unruly Guests has continued, with one doing the unthinkable. A new video emerged on TikTok showing a Guest engaging in another prohibited activity at the Disney Parks. While all of the examples we listed are bad, this one is quite severe.

You can check out the full video linked below:


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As you can see, the video shows a Guest “tagging” part of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris. “Tagging” is the act of drawing or illustrating your name or nickname with graffiti in public. It’s essentially a calling card and a one-way ticket to a lifetime ban from the Disney Parks if caught.

The Guest who shared the video is not the one doing the graffiti in th video, as the original video was deleted.

The video cuts right after the Guest marks the spot, so we don’t know what happened after or if the Guest was caught. We can certainly say this is something Disney would strictly prohibit and not encourage.

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in Disneyland Paris

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