Disney Receives Backlash Over Latest Announcement for Disney100 Celebrations Lacking Originality

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Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park with Disney100 celebration decorations

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Disney seems to be getting desperate. In the midst of several scandals, including thousands of high-ranking layoffs, the Star Wars Starcruiser bombing, a battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and complaints about Park maintenance and upkeep, Disney may be starting to crumble.

With all this going on, Disneyland is still in full party mode with the Disney100 celebrations, which will be brought to EPCOT later this year. While Walt Disney World has made several announcements and hints about what to expect when the celebrations start in Orlando, they just released some further information on what Guests can expect this summer.

Disney100 banner with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background at Disneyland Resort
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Disney has just unveiled “Story World,” six months of themed celebrations and experiences involving several Disney franchises, including Pixar, Star Wars, the princesses, and Mickey and Minnie. However, the announcement is already being met with some backlash online. Twitter user @TOCPE82 posted a screenshot of the lineup and asked, “Is it just me, or are these literally the only 6 ideas they have anymore?”

Comments on the post agreed, with one saying that it’s sad to see such a narrow focus for such a major milestone, and another joking about the continued exclusion of The Muppets. One pointed out that September’s theme is listed as “Super Hero adventures take flight!” asking what kind of superheroes can be found at Disney World other than the Guardians of the Galaxy. Lately, Disney has leaned heavily into their IPs, especially Star Wars and Marvel, retheming original attractions to a franchise-based concept, and opening several themed areas within the Parks.

The Mandalorian and Grogu at 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge
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Fans have complained that Disney isn’t doing anything original anymore, instead resorting to using their IPs to make the Parks enjoyable rather than the innovation and creativity that’s present in some of their still-standing original attractions. While a few of the comments expressed excitement at the acknowledgment of the 25th anniversary of Animal Kingdom happening in April, one user shared a different disappointment. “More bothered by another party right after an 18-month party,” referring to the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World which started in late 2021 and run until the Disney100 celebrations begin in April.

Mickey and Minnie at the Disney100 Exhibition
Credit: D23

For as monumental as 100 years of a company is, it seems as though the projected themes of Disney World’s celebrations leave much to be desired, especially when they’re concepts that already have a major presence in the Orlando Parks. Hopefully, Disney World will go above and beyond with their events, considering the high standard that Disneyland has already set.

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