Disney Parks Should Cater To Adults, Not Just Children

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The Disney Parks offer magic for children “of all ages.”

With the rise of criticism against so-called “Disney Adults,” many people have been arguing that Disney is a place for people of all ages to enjoy and make magic. While most of the visitors are families with children, Disney does see many adult Guests through the Parks, and one Reddit post argues that it’s a demographic that should be acknowledged.

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Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, there was an area of the now-Disney Springs that was called Pleasure Island. A collection of nightclubs, bars, and adult-geared entertainment, Pleasure Island was a place for parents and adults to let off some steam and enjoy some time away from the kids that filled the Parks. Although Disney Springs does offer bars and alcohol, there isn’t one set “adults only” place on either Disney property, and many think there could be a market for it to make a comeback.

The Reddit post asks, “Who thinks there is a market for an adults-only resort within WDW?” Many of the comments mention the defunct Pleasure Island, with u/Spacetime_Inspector saying, “If it had hung on just a few years longer I bet people would be way into it now.”

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However, many of the responses state that there isn’t enough demand for an entire adults-only resort, but some, like u/littlemarcus91, say they “would settle for adults only floors or wings.” Another suggestion, from u/GenXer1977, offers the idea of “adult only weeks at select resorts.” Walt Disney World is an in-demand location for weddings, bachelorette parties, and honeymoons, and would therefore probably benefit from a space that was at least partially removed from children or younger Guests.

While the Disney Parks are a major destination for family vacations, between the heat, the long days, and the environment of a busy theme park, tensions can run high between parents and their children. An adult-only area or even bringing back a children’s care center where parents can leave their children for a brief amount of time, may bring more adults to the Parks and open an entirely new revenue stream.

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EPCOT is the number one Park at Walt Disney World for drinking, which has unfortunately started to give it a bad reputation. If there was a designated club or adult-only area in the Parks where they could enjoy themselves and have a good time without worrying about being around children, it would allow Walt Disney World to be more aligned with Walt’s vision of a place for everyone to enjoy themselves.

What do you think about an adults-only resort or area at Disney?

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