Winnie the Pooh Squashes Mr. Toad: Fans Praise Underrated Disney Rides

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Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride form

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Despite their long tenure with their respective Parks, some Disney rides and attractions continue to stand the test of time. Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, and Peter Pan’s Flight are just three examples of rides that scream “classic Disney.”

carousel with cinderella castle
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Disney has a long and decorated history being the top of the theme park industry, and many of their iconic rides are the golden standard by which others are judged. That being said, many fans recently came forward with their favorite overlooked attractions, and many of the results were quite surprising.

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Disney has always had a spell over popular culture to the point where some factors are simply excepted, such as the famous Purple Wall of Tomorrowland being a hot spot for photos. Of course, Disney fans have never had trouble making themselves heard. A recent Reddit post led a popular discussion on the most underrated Disney rides, undoubtedly a popular subject. However, some of the points made by the users truly warrant further exploration.

the many adventures of winnie the pooh
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One of the primary points made in the post was an unexpected hot take on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, which replaced the incredibly popular Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in 1999. The decision to trade the toad for the willy-nilly silly old bear was highly controversial, but u/JustanAnimationFan sparks the discussion in the original post by saying,

“Personally, my vote goes to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. People literally only give it a hard time because it replaced Mr. Toad. I, for one, consider it a great ride.”

The user isn’t the only fan that holds a similar belief, as even more have jumped in defending vintage, overlooked, and even nearly-forgotten rides still in operation.

mickeys philharmagic
Credit: Disney

Another fan favorite that is surprisingly getting a lot of clout is Mickey’s Philharmagic at the Magic Kingdom. An unusual phenomenon, since it’s one of many 3-D experiences available on park property, but one that has several passionate responses from fans. Even guests who only tolerate the novelty of a 3-D movie find themselves getting sucked in along with Donald on this magical, musical adventure.

u/Sweatty-Set-3218 writes,

“Mickey’s PhilharMagic! I wear glasses so I usually hate putting on an extra pair for a show or attraction but the whole experience is just a 10/10 for me. The music, the effects, the air conditioning. I think this attraction is definitely underrated.”

And u/SquidgeSquadge adds their experience during their first-ever Walt Disney World Visit by saying,

“Went to watch it on our first Magic kingdom day just before looking to find a spot to watch the fireworks and we LOVED IT. Loved the show, loved the 3-D effects, loved how the guests all got into it, it was really Disney magic and the only truly 3-D movie I have enjoyed.”

Muppet Vision 3D outer
Credit: Disney

Another surprisingly popular 3-D attraction is MuppetVision in Hollywood Studios. Although Disney themselves have been kind of hit and miss with the Muppets lately, it’s remarkable that this attraction has had as long of life as it has without being altered or updated. Many fans agree that it’s one of the most under-appreciated experiences out there.

u/mrmaestro9420 adds an apt descritpion of the situation when the write,

“Muppet Vision 3D. I know its days are numbered; it’s already gone at Disneyland. But the stage has an audio animatronic orchestra in the pit. No one asked for that. But it’s there. Also the concertmaster, in completely unnecessary attention to detail, stands up to play his Flight of the Bumblebee solo for Ms Piggy. They don’t make attractions quite like this anymore. By far the best 3D show/experience at Disney.”

carousel of progress
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In a surprising turn of events, multiple users are rooting for Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Although it’s arguably one of the most dated attractions on Disney property, it’s refreshing to see just how much affection it gets. Even with its updated wardrobe, there’s something to be said for this retro-futurist view.

u/nyrB2 writes,

“I feel like these days carousel of progress doesn’t get the love it should. Maybe because it needs an update, but I still can’t leave it without humming the theme song to myself.”

And u/saltwaterlullaby adds,

“It doesn’t get the love it should even from those keeping it updated. But I’m with you. One of absolute favorites!”

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These are only a handful of examples that fill out the comments. The Tomorrowland People mover, It’s Tough to Be a Bug, and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin are just another set of examples that fans are continuously praising in the posts. With so much clout for seemingly overlooked attractions, maybe Disney should consider giving these rides and fixtures a fresh coat of paint so that they are enjoyed even longer.

What do you think? Tell Inside the Magic what your favorite unsung attraction is in the comments below!


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