Fans Call For Disney to Take Action on TikTok Account Recording, Stalking Hispanic Men at the Parks

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TikTok is once again causing a stir among Disneyland Resort fans. We’ve spent more than a year reporting worsening behavior by Disneyland Resort TikTokers, from those who cause disturbances on rides to some who scream in innocent Guests’ faces.

Privacy is one of the most prevalent concerns about Disneyland TikTokers and live streamers. Many Guests and Disney Cast Members are fine being in the background of a few family photos but draw the line at being actively filmed for millions to see online.

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Unfortunately, Reddit user u/keeksthesneaks uncovered a racially-charged TikTok account that does just that. Inside the Magic has chosen not to share the account, which intentionally films Hispanic men at Disneyland Park, Downtown Disney, and Disney California Adventure with the intent for viewers to mock them.

“It makes me so mad that consent means nothing to people. Everyone is so worried about the government spying on them when they should really be worried about the everyday citizen,” the Disney Parks fan wrote. “I can’t imagine scrolling through my feed only to see a video of myself being made fun of, which is a growing reality for a lot of people! … It’s bullying, plain as day. So upsetting.”

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In a comment, the Disney Parks fan further elaborated on the TikTok account’s content. “They typically record people who dress in the stereotypical ‘cholo’ attire like high socks, baggy clothes, tattoos, etc. Even then it seems like they target bigger Hispanic men as well. In some videos it legit looks like stalking because it’ll be the same person in various parts of the park. So creepy and messed up.”

Hundreds saw the post and reported disgust with the account. Some called on Disneyland Resort to ban them from the Southern California Disney Parks. “You should report it to Disney. If they are there that often, they probably have passes that should be revoked,” u/PlasticBagPatrick said.

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“I don’t know if there’s anything Disney can do about it unless you show them a bullying video, and point out and prove without a doubt the Tik Tok’er who made it,” u/Phased5ek said. “I would definitely check with the Town Hall people to see what can be done about it in-park.”

If you see bullying on TikTok or any social media network, please report it and don’t engage. Engagement helps inappropriate content find more viewers and encourages creators to continue bullying others. 

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