Mickey’s Museum: Cartoons Covered In Runaway Railway

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Mickey's Sorcerer gear at Runaway Railway

Credit: D23

Mickey and Minnie’ s Runaway Railway at Disneyland continues to trump the Hollywood Studios original with its amazing ride Cue. This mini Mickey museum is loaded to the brim with dozens of easter eggs and references to the mouse’s extravagant career. However, not everybody can be an armchair Disney historian, but they can educate themselves before they enter the Park so they can recognize all the various props, costumes, and set pieces from all of Mickey’s marvelous adventures.

While some references, such as the disco suits from Disney’s disco album and the model plane from Plane Crazy, might go over most fans’ heads, there is a sizable bounty of familiar fixtures that festoon the ride queue for Runaway Railway. Not all Disney fans have consumed every single Mickey short put to ink, paint, and celluloid, but that doesn’t mean they can’t try. With Disney+’s extensive library of content, Guests can fully immerse themselves in Mickey’s work before walking into his cartoon world.

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It’s a good chance that guests are likely going to be familiar with the Paul Rudish shorts that inspired the ride itself, but they might need a refresher course on some of Mickey’s more monumental roles. From @DisneyD23’s tweet above, season fans will be able to recognize the beanstalk from Fun and Fancy Free, Mickey’s sorcerer attire from Fantasia, and the captains wheel from Steamboat Willie, all of which are readily available on Disney+. Of course, these are only some of the better known projects in Mickey’s filmography, and the Imagineers didn’t stop there.

In the image above from @Spence_Mountain, some of Mickey’s lesser-known projects have also made it into the attraction, such as The Prince and the Pauper. Guests have also seen props and set dressings from other Mickey Mouse cartoons and features such as Bob Cratchit’s desk from Mickey’s Christmas Carol, a ghostly vanity dresser from Lonesome Ghosts, and even a pair of oversized shears from The Brave Little Tailor. Even with all that in mind, it’s still only a fraction of all the references the queue offers.

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A generous portion of Mickey’s career can be viewed both on Disney+ and in this incredible queue. While the ride itself is nearly identical to the one in Hollywood Studios, the way guests enter Mickey’s world of animated magic couldn’t be more different. Needless to say, this is a classic Disney fan’s dream come true. If they truly want to lose themselves in the best of Mickey, they need only look for the Mickey and Friends Collection on Disney+

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