It’s Time For a Disney “Thrill-Park”

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Walt Disney’s vision for his theme parks was to build a place where families and Guests of all ages could come together and have some fun. Naturally, families and kids have been enjoying the Disney Parks for decades, but the older audience has grown increasingly with each passing year. Is it time for Disney to up the thrills?

expedition everest
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Discussions of a fifth Park at Walt Disney World have been circulating the fandom for years, but there’s definitely been an increase in adult fans wanting more experiences for older Guests. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and even Walt Disney himself admitted that an audience of “oldsters” was coming to Disneyland. It might be time to make something just for them.

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Users on Reddit have been discussing the possibility of a Disney thrill park catering to an older audience, and several good points have been made in the concept’s favor. While undoubtedly many believe Disney should keep their focus on families, many more are gunning for something with a little more bite.

u/chewchomp80 gets the ball rolling when they start the discussion. The user writes in their post,

“Would you welcome a fifth park dedicated to coasters and ‘big’ rides? You have to imagine that families with younger kids would stay away, which is fine, but those with more adrenaline chasing needs would be catered for. And imagine what Disney would come up with if they went down this route: some real ride innovations (Guardians is a good example) and theming – it could be incredible.”

Universal Orlando VelociCoaster
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Although there are many users that are rooting for Universal Studios to fill that need for speed, but many users concur that Disney has the means and the ability to bring this concept to life.

u/spankyredbottom writes,

“I think it would be great if they could do an actual thrill ride park but it has to be immersive. Themed well and something better / different than all of the other thrill parks out there. Otherwise it’ll just feel cheap to me.”

And u/BowTie1989 comments,

“So long as the rides still have good theming and tell stories and seen aren’t just big ugly tracks where the majority of the Theme is just the color of the tracks, I’d be all for it.”

Disney has a long history of immersive experiences, and they would definitely have to go all out for a thrilling Park. However, it would have to be the biggest and most engaging experience since Expedition Everest.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on their Festival of Fantasy — Disney Parade — float
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There will likely always be a desire for a fifth Park on Disney property, but some fans are saying that Disney needs to stay in their lane and continue to play into that family-friendly image.

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u/Shiboleth17 adds,

“If you want those kind of rides, why are you going to Disney? Go to Ohio which has Cedar Point and King’s Island, which combined have over 30-something roller coasters, including most of the world’s longest, tallest, and fastest coasters all in one place. People go to Disney for a different kind of experience.”

Could Disney do a “thrill park?” Absolutely, but it would come with some serious development time from Walt Disney Imagineering. Plus, it would have to absolutely sizzle the thrills and chills from places like Universal Studios. Since Disney has a reputation of doing the impossible, it might be an ambitious project that’s closer than we realize.

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