Guests Call Disney Resorts Out on Missing Merchandise

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The resorts at Walt Disney World are some of the most impressive places on Disney property. Outside of the Parks, the resorts are home to some of the most incredible Disney experiences a Guest can have during their visit. Of course, many will want to take a piece of the magic home after their trip.

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The Disney Parks have no shortage of places to score some sweet souvenirs, but many average Guests might overlook the treats and trinkets offer at the Resorts. While most might just retire to them at night, they might also miss out on exclusive surprises outside the Parks.

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That all being said, many Disney Park Guests are noticing a steady decline of both quantity and quality of resort-exclusive souvenirs available. This has been exceptionally noticed when it comes to apparel and gifts, and fans are making themselves heard.

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On a recent Reddit post, fans expressed their various “unpopular” takes on Walt Disney World, and quite a few were dissatisfied with the souvenirs tied to their resorts and hotels. That might be expected from some of their Value Resorts, but certainly not from places like the Polynesian or the Grand Floridian. Even more surprising is the number of fans wanting more from a Disney hotel.

u/Neurotic_Marauder writes a reply on the subject by Sharing their experience at Port Orleans,

“The gift shop was nice, but the only things tangentially related to the hotel was some Princess and the Frog merch and beignet mix. Everything else was stuff you could find in most other gift shops.”

And u/db1037 adds,

“Seriously. Every time we stay at [Animal Kingdom Lodge] I’m like “This is arguably my favorite resort. Please take my money so I can get merch for this resort.” And the selection is sooo small.”

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Further in the thread, fans are pointing out that it’s not only the amount of merch they find lacking, but the quality of what they bring home. There are multiple accounts on the post regarding poor-quality coffee mugs, but u/Bloodysamflint writes just how bad the situation is when they add,

“I bought a Caribbean Beach Resort coffee mug a couple of years ago “hand wash only” – ok, whatever. Top-racked it in the dishwasher when we got home, literally every piece of the design came off. Sloughed off and was a lump of paint in the bottom of the dishwasher. And it was the only kind they had.”

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Of course, coffee mugs aren’t the only thing Guests have found lacking. One would think that the resorts would have in terms of souvenirs is exclusive apparel. Places like the Contemporary, the Grand Floridian, and the Polynesian are some of the most famous hotels in Orlando, so why would they be so strapped for something as simple as a shirt?

A tiki grins at BouTiki
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u/IAmNotYourMouse shares their disappointment with their comment,

“I was just at the Polynesian Resort and I was really disappointed at their lacking of Hawaiian shirts. Ya know, the clothes Bou-Tiki is known for?”

These are just a small sampling of the comments on the thread, but the idea is pretty much the consensus of Disney needs to do better by their hotels. It goes far beyond crummy souvenirs or lackluster quality, and u/Zandt88 gets right to the thick of it when they add,

“Each resort should be treated like an individual destination, as though there was no park. Market it that way in their gift store and then use park merch as filler. Each destination seems like an after thought (haf a**Ed) in regard to merch.”

Disney has a lot of changes underway, but it feels like the company is slipping in terms of their hotels. Even though Guests might only visit them to rest and recharge, but that doesn’t mean the resorts don’t have a fanbase too.

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