Fans Demand Disney Rides Be “Completely Gutted”

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As demonstrated by the recent Splash Mountain mourners, Disney Park Guests can be incredibly attached to their favorite rides and attractions. However, for every group of fans that openly and passionately attach themselves to a beloved theme park icon, there are just as many that are demanding some to get completely redone.

Magic Kingdom Station
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That might seem highly contrary to how some Disney Guests have behaved in recent reports, but more than a few vocal fans want to see changes made to iconic Park fixtures.  There are some Disney attractions that will forever remain a part of the overall experience, regardless of Park. However, some of their oldest rides aren’t cutting it anymore, and some are calling for a flat-out revamp of historic features.

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A recent Reddit post asked users which rides need “a complete gut and redo,” and it didn’t take much to warrant a few responses. While some suggestions were logical and understandable, some came completely out of the blue.

Peter Pan's Flight
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The original poster, u/TheMouseKid, gets the ball rolling by mentioning a rather controversial, yet warranted, take on Peter Pan’s flight. The user writes,

“An example for me is (surprisingly) Peter Pan’s Flight. They need to tear out that ride and ride system and build a more capacity friendly ride. We have the technology now…”

Additionally, u/spankyredbottom offers their thoughts on a classic ride that, understandably, has been needing some TLC for a very long time,

“We all love Figment, but the ride is too sterile. It needs more flair. Seeing the videos of how it was when I was a kid makes me think it could be totally redone. It has a huge amount of space, can change the ride vehicle, and create a whole new adventure where we have fun/learn.”

Tomorrowland Speedway
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While those rides are undoubtedly beloved classics, they are in need of some updated tech and effects. However, there are also some rides that some fans say should have gotten the axe a long time ago. Public enemy number one seems to be the Tomorrowland Speedway.

u/SouthSider_ writes,

“Not only the ‘ride system’ (ie gas guzzling cars) could be updated but the land it takes up too. They could do so much with it surely. I’d love some sections to be enclosed and then use visuals / lights / screens etc to elevate the experience somehow.”

And u/kycatalyst adds,

Tomorrowland Speedway, it smells and isn’t anything actually futuristic. There are go carts everywhere. Runner-up to Space Mountain. Maybe once TRON opens they can get some updates worked out. It’s clanking and very jerky. They need the Guardians style cart for Space Mountain.

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Walt Disney World is home to some of the most unforgettable rides and attractions in the theme park industry. However, that doesn’t mean they are immune to natural wear and tear over the passing of time. Hopefully, Disney will deliver on their recent promise to start listening to their audience and give their rides some much-needed upgrades.

What rides do you think need to be “gutted?” Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!


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