EPCOT Is Changing, and Fans Should Accept It

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If Disney Park Guests have been to EPCOT lately, they will undoubtedly know that Disney is giving it a full-scale makeover, much to mixed reviews. The futuristic vibes are undergoing some aesthetic changes, along with the inclusion of many famous Disney characters added to the mix. Although many fans might take issue with Disney’s IP overstepping, it might be easier to accept and welcome the upcoming additions.

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EPCOT has always been the beacon of innovation, exploration, and imagination of the Disney parks, but it seems like some visitors are taking issue with the emphasis on “Disney.” A recent Reddit post described some Guests’ opinions pertaining to the evolution away from the EPCOT of yesteryear. While there will always be a place for Horizons and CommuniCore in the hearts of many, the point of the Park is to look toward the future instead of remaining in the past. Although the discussion begins with unhappy remarks concerning the Park’s current and upcoming changes, more commenters have approached the subject with a more logical outlook that accepts and even embraces the newer additions to EPCOT.

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Although the discussion begins with u/BudTheGrey’s comments wanting a return to the retro-futuristic EPCOT of yesterday, the thread steers more in a progressive direction with other users drawing attention to not only the inevitability of change but the need for it as well. The EPCOT some fans might be more familiar with has gone the way of the dodo, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something incredible on the horizon. Where most users might be blinded by nostalgia, there are those that are more grounded and logical about the Park’s future.

u/Smagnaferous goes into a long and elaborate discussion on the importance of EPCOT’s need for frequent change. However, they hit the nail plainly on the head when they write,

“Many things about the whole idea of the park have changed though, and EPCOT has had to just evolve to stay relevant. For instance, Innoventions would be really hard to do now, because technology is changing exponentially faster. By the time they make a presentation about something new as a booth or mini attraction, it’ll be in our homes, and something new will already be coming out…


People have all the information they could want at their fingertips 24/7, so they don’t want to sit through slow rides and movies that show them what they can google and watch a youtube video at home about anymore. That’s just change, that’s what EPCOT was telling us for decades was coming. Well, it’s here.”

The thing about progress is it always progresses, and not even Epcot is immune to becoming dated. Even some thing as popular and beloved as Soarin’ will inevitably become a dated piece of technology.

u/trinaaron better describes this phenomenon in their contribution to the discussion. The user writes,

“EPCOT ran into the same problem as Tomorrowland. Tomorrow very quickly becomes yesterday and what was once futuristic becomes obsolete and dated. And that is happening faster and faster. Heck, I’m not sure Spaceship Earth even mentions smartphones.”

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By and by, Disney needs to incorporate more of their magic touch to keep the park relevant. Although rides like Cosmic Rewind might incorporate elements of science fiction into the mix, the Guardians act as a vehicle to introduce visitors to the concepts of the Big Bang, space travel, and scientific exploration. At the end of the day, Disney is still maintaining the futuristic visions of EPCOT’s origins, but also doing it in away that makes the Park more approachable and marketable. EPCOT will still offer experiences that broaden our horizons, but what’s wrong with having some familiar friends along for the ride?

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