‘Encanto’ Might Threaten Elsa’s Crown

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Mirabel threatening Elsa

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The Family Madrigal has been making a slow comeback after their big smash in 2021 with Disney’s Encanto. With a staged version at the Hollywood Bowl, a large fan following, and an infectious song that is still being streamed and played on a regular basis, the magic of the Madrigals still has us under its spell. However, this is a pattern we’ve seen before.

Mirabel Madrigal and Isabela Madrigal holding hands during the "What Else Can I Do" Musical number on Encanto
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With the success of the animated feature, Disney has been incorporating more and more of Encanto’s magic in their Parks and merchandise. The film is undoubtedly a major success and beloved by a sea of adoring fans, but it’s starting to repeat the same MO as another Disney icon, and that might not be such a good thing. As the studio continues to push the movie to center stage, another star is waiting in the wings.

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To say that Frozen is still a phenomenon is an understatement, as Anna and Elsa are still dominating Disney even a decade after the release of their original film. However, Mirabel  and the rest of her family are quickly catching up, as Disney adds more and more Encanto experiences. That all sounds good on paper, but all magic comes with a price.

Character meet with Anna and Elsa from Frozen at Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort
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Excluding younger audiences, most can agree that there’s a sort of cultural fatigue when it comes to Frozen.  That’s not saying that it was a bad movie, far from it, but it has arguably overstayed its welcome. Even with a third movie underway, it’s the Disney property that just won’t quit. It’s considerably Disney’s biggest cash cow, and Encanto might be met with the same fate.

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Already, there are plans to give the film its own attraction, a more prominent presence at the Disney Parks, and more, just like Disney did with Frozen. That’s not unusual, but it also feels like it’s coming in pretty hot. The phrase “too much of a good thing” could definitely apply here.

Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto during the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort
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Encanto was an incredible film that told an enchanting tale with unforgettable music, engaging characters, and a multicultural story that was a well-recieved deviation from the standard Disney fairytale. It deserves to have more experiences and opportunities for fans and Park Guests to enjoy it. However, it also runs the risk of being overplayed and overdone to the point that its icy predecessor has gone.

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The ugly truth about Disney is that while they are a magical name, they are still a corporation with pockets to fill. While we’re not expecting the Aztec pyramid at EPCOT to be replaced by La Casita anytime soon, most fans might not want to see Encanto become overplayed and tiresome. Like Frozen, it had its moment in the spotlight, but it should be celebrated and not just played and replayed on repeat for the next decade.

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in Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World

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