Disney Guest Goes Wild With Insane Camera Rig, Shushes Children in Park

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A dedicated and determined Disney Park Guest has sparked a discussion online regarding theme park etiquette.

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Though the various Disney Parks and Resorts across the globe are all unique and magical in their own way, one thing’s for sure: Guests will always be “passionate.”

In the last few months, Inside the Magic has reported on multiple stories of unruly Guests. Recently, one Guest decided to flash their breasts at other Guests at Walt Disney World while riding Disney’s Skyliner. Another Guest also did the same thing, except this time while actually being inside one of the founr Parks at the Walt Disney World Resort. This event occurred at EPCOT and sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Another recent example of Guests breaking the rules occurred at the Disneyland Paris Resort.

During a mid-day parade performance at the Disney Resort, one Guest attempted to hop on the parade float as it moved down Main Street, U.S.A. Luckily, Cast Members were stationed around the float and quickly escorted the Guest off the back of the float.

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Another example of a Guest throwing caution to the wind emerged recently, with a tweet going semi-viral showcasing the unbelievable sight. One dedicated Guest at Disneyland Paris was determined to get a great shot off of the nightlife at the Park, equipping themselves with a massive, multi-camera rig.

Check out the original tweet below:

This bellend with all the cameras thinks it’s ok to shush children in a theme park while he’s doing a live stream  T W A T

As you can see, the Guest is equipped with multiple phones, cameras, and other recording devices, all set up on a tripod to live stream. The Guest was allegedly shushing Guests and children along the way.

While this is not technically against Disney’s rules, we can’t say we encourage the rather harsh behavior toward other Guests, especially children.

What are your thoughts on this event at Disneyland Paris?

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