Disney World Guests Plead For the Guardians of the Galaxy

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Guardians of the Galaxy from 'Vol. 2'

Credit: Marvel Studios

When it comes to characters, Disneyland has its Floridian counterpart beaten three times over. Although Mickey and Minnie are available worldwide, you won’t see characters like Gamora, Star-Lord, and Groot in Walt Disney World soon. However, some Disney fans are hoping that changes.

The Amazing Spider-Man at Avengers Campus
Credit: Disney

One of the highlights of any trip to the Disney Parks is getting to meet their huge cast of characters live and in person. While Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida might be bigger and offer much more to see, do, and experience, the number of characters compared to its Californian cousin needs a massive boost.

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Both American Parks offer Guests the opportunity to mix and mingle with characters from both Disney’s roster and the Star Wars universe, but Disneyland completes the Disney-owned trifecta by allowing Guests to hang out with their favorite heroes and villains at Avengers Campus.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind cover art
Credit: Disney

Although Walt Disney World has a few Marvel perks, such as Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, it’s Universal Studios that lays claim to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. There’s a whole contractual and legal spiel as to why the Florida Park won’t be getting its own Avengers Campus, but some Guests are pleading for the Guardians of the Galaxy to appear.

A recent Reddit post discussed the ins and outs of the culture of Disney fans, but a popular thread brought up the surprising lack of Marvel properties.

Marvel heroes at Superhero island at Universal Studios Orlando
Credit: Marvel / Universal Studios

u/Mjb06 explains the Marvel/Disney debacle and gets the dialogue officially started when they comment,

“Because Universal has them. They have an agreement that there can’t be any Marvel attractions at WDW. That’s why we won’t get an Avengers Campus here… If it’s being used by Universal, it can’t be used east of the Mississippi, which is of course WDW.”

This arrangement, on both the part of Disney and other theme parks, has led to a lot of confusion as to why the heroes and villains of the MCU are allowed one place and not another. u/Chivalrish better illustrates this point by ading,

“MCU makes me forget Hulk is was a standalone comic at first. Lol just lumped him in with Avengers.”

That all being said, since Universal Studios lacks any form of Guardians-themed attraction, it makes more sense that Disney would want to include Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and all the rest where they’d obviously be more popular.

rocket and groot
Credit: Marvel Studios

The Disney/Marvel thread has over a dozen different replies on the post, many of which point out that while the Guardians are indeed a popular Marvel franchise, they were never truly utilized by Universal. That means they are totally up for grabs to Disney to use to their heart’s content.

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With the upcoming third and final sequel to the franchise coming out and James Gunn building up the team’s last adventure, it’s high time Disney let the Guardians loose in all the Parks. They should be legally able to, and it’s honestly a painfully missed opportunity that a permanent Guardians Meet and Greet hasn’t been established at Cosmic Rewind.

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