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What’s going on?

"it's a small world" facade during the Encanto Projection nighttime show playing "We Don't Talk About Bruno
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Disneyland is full of incredible rides and attractions, some of which have entertained Guests for decades. Older experiences like the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and Matterhorn Bobsleds, as well as new adventures like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway all come together at the Disneyland Resort, make Guests day as magical as possible.

Of course, both Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure have had their fair share of closed attractions as well, with no better example than the PeopleMover.

tomorrowland peoplemover
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The PeopleMover, sometimes called the Goodyear or WEDWay PeopleMover, was a popular transport attraction located in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland in Southern California. The ride officially opened on July 2, 1967. On the PeopleMover, Guests would board four rows of “futuristic” cars propelled with Goodyear tires which were strategically positioned in the tracks that pushed the cars on the beams.

The ride can be found at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, as shown above, but Disneyland’s version has been absent for years.

Disneyland’s PeopleMover closed forever on August 21, 1995, being replaced by the infamous Rocket Rods, a ride that many would consider a failure.

Credit: Disney

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Ever since the closure, Guests have been extremely vocal about the current state of the PeopleMover, claiming it’s extremely ugly and an example of “bad show” at the Resort. Since its closure, nature has been slowly taking over the tracks, with trees and vines, as well as rust, completely covering the remnants of the attraction.

Many have hoped to see it make a return at Disneyland, but to the dismay of many, Disney has been quite silent on this defunct attraction. However, last year Disney started to clear some of the overgrown trees and bushes surrounding the PeopleMover, indicating something could be planned for the beloved ride.

Guests have also reported that the track is currently being repainted, also indicating Disney at least hasn’t forgotten about its abandoned PeopleMover:

Looks like they’re repainting the Peoplemover track in Disneyland with a new off-white color and some blue accents! The popcorn texture is no longer present. Also of note, the Tomorrowland entrance sign is currently removed, presumably for the paint work.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the original PeopleMover is making a return, but it is nice to see that Disney at least acknowledges it exists after neglecting it for so long.

It’s anyone’s guess what happens to Disneyland’s iconic PeopleMover, we just hope its fate doesn’t involve being destroyed.

Did you ever ride Disneyland’s PeopleMover?

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