Disney Park Parade Accident Goes Viral, Guests Capture Incident on Camera

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Disney Guests were stunned after an iconic Disney Park nighttime show went haywire and completely malfunctioned.

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Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland feature some incredible parades and street performances for Guests to watch as they explore the Park, but finding the right spot to watch it from is almost like a sport for Guests. Some choose to camp out hours before so they can for sure snag a great spot. Others pop in at the last minute, which can cause issues.

These nighttime spectaculars are not just limited to the American Disney Resorts, however, with all Disney Parks and Resorts featuring some unique spin on nighttime shows.

Most notably, Disneyland Paris just introduced a stunning new nighttime show featuring incredible drone displays representing Marvel characters.

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Credit: Disney

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However, there isn’t a more iconic live entertainment offering than Disney’s Electrical Parade. This nighttime parade show has appeared at many Disney Resorts, including Disneyland and Walt Disney World. However, the Tokyo Disney Resort also features this stunning performance, with Guests standing in line every night for a chance to see it.

The show is called Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights and is a stunning display of lights, sounds, and songs.

Unfortunately, the show encountered some issues the other night, with dozens of Guests sharing footage of the incident online, as you can see down below. For most of the parade, the sound did not work, along with other issues.

E Palais, suddenly silent w #TDR__now (Translated)

E-Palette sound stop #TDR__now (Translated)

E-pare, the lights turned off and the music disappeared for a moment! ! ! ! #tdr_now (Translated)

E-pare without sound. Goofy’s (Translated)

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As you can see, Guests flocked to social media to spread awareness of this somewhat-funny malfunction during the parade. The main issue appeared to be with the sound system, as in multiple videos, it was completely turned off. Hopefully, this was a one-off issue, and the next performance will go better.

Like we stated earlier, Disneyland and Walt Disney World have both had their own versions of the Main Street Electrical Parade. This nighttime show is beloved in the Disney Parks community. Unfortunately, performances ended in Disneyland late last year.

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