Disney Permanently Closes Location to Replace With ‘Princess and The Frog’ Theme

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A long-standing location at the Disneyland Resort in California is now officially gone for good, with something new set to take its place.

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As most Guests are already aware, Disney is currently in the middle of overhauling Splash Mountain, the iconic log flume ride featuring Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear. The attraction closed at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World earlier this year, with Disneyland Park’s version set to close sometime in the near future.

These closures follow years of backlash regarding Splash Mountain’s theming, which was taken from a highly-problematic Disney film called Song of the South (1946).

Interior of Splash Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Disney

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The ride can also be found at Tokyo Disneyland, but this version of the ride will be staying open for the foreseeable future. The new version of the ride will be called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and will open first at Walt Disney World in 2024.

As part of this overhaul, the Disneyland Resort will also be receiving a new restaurant inspired by Tiana and the film itself.

“Tiana’s Palace will be the newest restaurant on Orleans Street,” states Disney in its original blog post. This new eatery meant the closure of a longstanding location, that being French Market Restaurant. This restaurant closed on February 17, 2023, and will reopen as Tiana’s Palace (alongside Mint Julep Bar) later this year.

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At Tiana’s Palace, Guests can expect to find seasonal flavors and, of course, offer some New Orleans classics.

There has not been a new restaurant announcement for the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, but many Guests have discussed the possibility of Peco’s Bill being renovated to feature characters and theming from The Princess and the Frog as it sits near Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom.

Are you excited about all the new changes coming to the Disney Parks soon?

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