Splash Mountain Closed, Completely Drained At Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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Splash Mountain ride

Credit: Disney

Looks like Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear are causing some kind of commotion downstream.

Splash Mountain attraction
Credit: Disney

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Splash Mountain is a beloved, yet problematic ride found at multiple Disney Parks and Resorts. One version can be found in Disneyland, another in Walt Disney World, and the third version can be found at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

It’s a fun and thrilling experience that has provided fun for the whole family for decades. As we said, the ride is very problematic, although the issues arise from the film the ride is based on.

Splash Mountain statue of Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox outside the ride
Credit: Disney

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Disney’s Song of the South (1946), the movie that Splash Mountain is based on, is a film that many have deemed racist for its depictions of the Reconstruction-era American South.

Over the years, the film has been effectively erased from Disney’s catalog, with the company opting to feature elements from the movie as little as possible. Disney ultimately decided to retheme Splash Mountain entirely, something it revealed a few years back.

Credit: Disney

The new ride will be called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and feature characters and theming from The Princess and the Frog (2009).

Splash Mountain is set to close on January 23, 2023, meaning Guests only have a few days left to experience this ride. Unfortunately, for most of the day Wednesday, Splash Mountain has been offline at the Magic Kingdom. At one point, the ride was completely drained, as you can see in the video shared below:

Something tells me Splash Mountain is not going to open today at Magic Kingdom…

The ride eventually reopened though we aren’t sure what was causing the issues. As we said, the ride is set to close on January 23, so if you’re itching to experience the story of Br’er Rabbit one more time, we suggest you hurry.

Will you miss Splash Mountain? Are you excited about the new ride?

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