The Truth Behind These “Childish” Disney Rides

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A family riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant at the Magic Kingdom.

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Since their foundation, the Disney Parks have long been associated with children and the joys of childhood. Adults are encouraged to engage in all the rides, attractions, and delights to their hearts content, but there are still some experiences catered primarily to a younger audience. However, there might be an air of deception to their cutesy and colorful designs.

carousel with cinderella castle
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Many casual fans quickly assume that many of Disney’s rides and attractions are meant primarily for kids, these same fans would also be sorrowfully mistaken and missing out on a lot of what the Parks have to offer. Because while many of Disney’s classic rides might be inspired by their animated characters like Dumbo or Winnie the Pooh, they also provide some of the Parks’ most memorable experiences, regardless of age.

Walt Disney’s original design for Disneyland was to create a place where kids and their parents could have fun together, and that spirit is keenly felt at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While many of its rides have a family-friendly exterior, many of them are enjoyed by a massive adult audience.

Great Goofini
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Many attractions have an unassuming design, but hide a delightful and sometimes even thrilling ride underneath. A recent discussion on Reddit had several adult Guests sharing their hidden favorites and guilty pleasures, breaking many classic kid rides  out of their sugary reputations.

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Surprisingly, Dumbo the Flying Elephant might have a bolder reputation than many, this writer included, might think. It would appear that the Fantasyland icon has quite the fanbase.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction at Disneyland Park
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u/Euchre offers an unexpectedly-helpful tip when they write,

“That ride is definitely intended for the kiddies, but if you play with the up/down button just right, you can make it lively. Since it tends to be basically a walk on now, it makes it an even better ride opportunity.”

And u/emeraldcocoaroast replies,

My sister had children not too long ago, so that’s been our excuse to ride Dumbo again. It is such a joy. Especially being able to turn around and see her kids laughing and laughing. That’s half the fun for me…”

Figment in a Christmas Sweater
Credit: Celebration Press

u/eugenesnewdream shows their love for Figment when they add,

“Maybe lame but I felt this way about Figment. I mean Eric Idle, what’s not to love? That’s for the grownups right there…”

Surviving members of Monty Python aside, this user definitely isn’t alone in their admiration of the classic attraction. Even with Figment’s current state, it still has a fine collection of fans.

Peter Pan's Flight
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And while it might be something of a relic, there are still plenty of grownup Guests who enjoy a high-flying adventure to Neverland with Peter Pan and the Darlings. One user was quick to add their two-cents to the discussion by sharing their cherished memories of the attraction.

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u/johnnyringo117 writes,

“I’m 62 and started going to Disney World when I was 15. I ride Pan every time I’m in Kingdom. It’s fun, calm, well-paced and for me, simply has no negative connotations. It’s a story book tale come to life. I love it.”

Reports like these are further proof that Disney knows no age limit. While some might crave more thrilling attractions like Expedition Everest and Cosmic Rewind, there will always be love for classic rides that have just enough excitement to keep Guests coming back for more. Although there’s certainly a place for Space Mountain and the Barnstormer, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to fly with Dumbo every now and then.

What’s your most cherished ride at Disney? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!


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