‘TRON’s’ New Rule Could Be a Good Omen

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Mickey shocked at Tron

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Preparations for Walt Disney World’s new TRON-themed roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom are still well underway, but a recent addition could spell out just how thrilling the new ride could potentially be. Disney is no stranger to intense rides, just look at Expedition Everest, but could the new addition to Tomorrowland be something most guests aren’t expecting from the place where dreams come true? A new rule might provide the answer.

Tron Lightcylcle/Run at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

It was recently revealed that Guests boarding TRON Lightcycle/Run would have access to double-sided lockers to store their stuff while they ride their light cycles onto the game grid. This might seem like a minor addition compared to some rides at the Park, but it also might be a touch of foreshadowing on Disney’s part as to how thrilling the coaster will be.

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Anyone who’s ever boarded a Disney ride or attraction with moving parts knows to store their belongings either under the seat in front of them or in a small netted pouch area in front of their seat. Anything that requires something like this has to move about quite extraneously if their belongings need to be separated from the rest of the ride.

Tron Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai
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Granted, it just might be an extra security measure. Considering how Guest behavior has been spiraling downward in recent reports, it wouldn’t be out of the question that Disney is taking more caution to prevent something like theft. However, what we have seen of the coaster does looks quite impressive, especially compared to some of the lighter thrills in the Magic Kingdom. It’s definitely going to be a step up from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

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Big thunder Mountain has the reputation for jostling kidney stones loose, so it’s hard telling what some thing of TRON’s magnitude might do. Although fans and Guests won’t truly know what lies in store under this big blue structure until the ride officially opens to the public, lots of speculation can be made until then. As of now, all they can do is wait until they can officially sign on and ride their very own lightcycles this April.

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