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Planning and packing for a Disney parks vacation can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. Even veteran guests have to consider the time of their visit, weather, special events, and other such factors before they even step foot on the resort property. Fortunately, Disney fans are not a small group, and everyone has their secret to a perfect Disney trip.

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A recent Reddit post posed the question to Disney Park Guests as to what they recommended packing for a first-time trip. Naturally, dedicated fans were all too eager to share what odds and ends saved their vacation. While not all Disney trips are going to be the same, even those who go to the Parks on a regular basis can benefit from some of these helpful suggestions. It might just make or break their next visit to the place where dreams come true.

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The average Disney fan might spend the better part of a week visiting the Parks, but sometimes extended stays are called for. In that case, a little extra planning goes a long way. u/Mamaduckduck writes her suitcase addition that furthered her stay.

“A pop up mesh laundry basket. Any trip longer than a weekend the laundry basket helps keep the room tidy. I bring a few laundry pods and dryer sheets. I never plan or want to do laundry, but it’s great to have when you NEED to do laundry.”

When most practiced Park-Hoppers visit, they typically pack a small bag filled with a few bare necessities like a pancho, water bottle, umbrella, etc. However, u/PRK543 offers up an additional item that could be beneficial to any Guests expecting more than their personal bag.

“Others have said good suggestions. If you are carrying a bag or backpack, I recommend picking up a caribeaner to attach bags from the shops to your bag. I would also pick up a reusable shopping bag, because I always end up with blue ink from the regular bags on my arms or legs.”

Big Top Souvenirs
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Additionally, many users suggest utilizing Disney’s shipping service to have souvenirs shipped back home instead of risking suitcase space. It’s always fun to take a little piece of the magic back, but most Guests probably don’t want to pay for an additional bag on their flights back.

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One particular item that should definitely be mentioned is a big bottle of sunscreen. While most fans are reading this thinking “why would I need sunscreen at the tail-end of January,” keep in mind that they don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing. U/Jsome2010 offers this word of warning to those unprepared.

“Learned this the hard way two weeks ago when I went to Orlando for a golf trip. “It’s 31 degrees I won’t get burned.” Pure idiocy.”

Visitors can pack extra chargers, a poncho, a travel-sized bottle of Advil, and all manner of other bits and bobs to ensure a functional trip, but u/Rossweiser17 brings up another key component in a Disney visit that far too many Guests have been leaving at home. The user adds,

“Your patience, grace, and ability to smile through things not quite going how you expected them to. There’s no advil, poncho, or sunscreen that can alleviate frustration or bad attitude. I say this in hopes your trip goes flawlessly but inevitably something will break – whether it’s a ride, an attraction, transportation, or you. Just breathe and have a good time.”

The truth of the matter is that there is simply no one “right way” to pack for a trip to the Disney Parks. Someone is going to forget something eventually, and that’s going to provide some friction. However, if Guests go into the Parks with the right attitude and mindset, there’s no reason they can’t enjoy themselves. Why visit the happiest places on earth if you can’t act accordingly?

What are you bringing on your next Disney trip? Tell us in the comments below!


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