Memorable souvenirs from Walt Disney World that are completely FREE

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Free Souvenirs

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Bringing home memories and magic from Walt Disney World doesn’t always have to cost a pretty penny. Of course, you may want to splurge and purchase those Rose Gold Minnie Ears, that new Mickey Mouse coffee mug, or grab some new Disney ornaments for the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean every souvenir you bring home has to break the bank.

There are a ton of amazing free Disney souvenirs that you can bring home after your Walt Disney World trip that will be full of meaning and memories. Check out this list of free Disney souvenirs you can bring home from your vacation.

Character Stickers

Not only are these character stickers free, it’s a fun ongoing scavenger hunt. There are so many character stickers across Walt Disney World property, you can make a goal to collect them all! All you have to do is ask a Disney Cast Member at various character meet and greets or any Disney gift shop. You can even check food stands to see if they have any character stickers.

Park Maps

One of the easiest free souvenirs to get your hands on is a Disney theme park map. As you walk into the park, or even on your way out, be sure to pick up a park map (or two). Not only do these park maps make for a perfect souvenir from your trip, they also make for a great time capsule. The Walt Disney World parks are constantly changing. New lands are being built, older rides are being replaced, some of the shows are coming to an end. Keeping these park maps allow you to look back one day and remember some of those rides that may not exist in a few years.

Take a look at this vintage Walt Disney World park map!

WDW Map free disney souvenir
Credit: Disney

Celebrating Buttons

One of the most popular souvenirs on Walt Disney World property are the celebrating buttons. No matter what you are celebrating on your Walt Disney World vacation, guests can wear a celebratory pin loud and proud. First timers can get a “1st Visit” button, couples celebrating an anniversary can get a “Happy Anniversary” button, and if its your birthday, make sure to pick up a “Happy Birthday” button.

Disney Buttons
Credit: Disney

I have even seen Disney Guests wearing a “I’m Celebrating” button and filling in their own celebrations. From graduations to cancer-free celebrations, Disney Guests can wear their buttons and show off their special celebration throughout their trip. Bring this button home and look back in a few years to remember your special vacation.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards

This interactive scavenger hunt is fun for the entire family!

Hades has an evil plan to make Magic Kingdom park his new summer home. He’s enlisted a brigade of Disney baddies—Cruella, Scar, Jafar, Maleficent, Ursula, Yzma, Ratcliffe and Dr. Facilier—to help track down 4 enchanted crystal shards, which are hidden throughout the park. It’s up to you to foil their plans and save the day.”

Sorcerers Map
Credit: Disney

Be sure to visit the Firehouse on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom to receive your starter pack of magic spell cards. These magic spell cards, along with a special Magic Kingdom map, will guide you on your adventure. Guests can bring the cards and map back on your next vacation so they can continue playing and can even earn more cards.

Even if you don’t want to participate in this free adventure, the spell cards make for a great (and free) souvenir.

Sorcerers of MK free souvenir
Credit: Disney

Disney Transportation Cards

Did you know the Disney Transport team has a series of collectable trading cards, and they’re free! There are four series that Disney guests can collect — bus, monorail, tram, and boat. Each one is numbered and consists of fun facts as well as hidden Mickey hints printed on the back of each card.

Credit: Disney

Wilderness Explorer Field Guide

If you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom on your trip to Walt Disney World, make sure you pick up a Wilderness Explorer Handbook for your family. Inspired by the Disney Pixar film Up, this 40-page coloring book is filled with fun activities. Embark on an adventure with Russell and Dug and make your way around the park to visit each Wilderness Explorer stop. Complete challenges and earn sticker badges to fill up your Wilderness Explorer Handbook. And if you collect all 31 badges, you will get a completion badge at the end of the day!

Wilderness Explorers free disney souvenir
Credit: Disney

Vacations to Walt Disney World always comes at a price, but making memories and bringing some magic home with you is priceless.

Have you ever taken one of these free Disney souvenirs home with you? Let us know in the comments.

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