Guests Discuss Their Favorite Underrated Experiences at Disney World

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The Walt Disney World Resort is an amazing place, with so many activities to do and explore, like the various Parks, the different types of rides, the wide variety of themed Resort hotels, and even the fact that there are also water parks, as well as golf and miniature golf courses.

However, these experiences can vary from person to person, as one Guest’s “meh” moment might be an underrated experience for another Guest.

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A Reddit user named kgaviation asked the Walt Disney World Reddit community about what they believed the most underrated experience is at Disney World:

Could be a ride, restaurant, experience, show, resort, anything.

I’ll start with mine. If I had to say my most underrated thing at WDW, I’d have to say the value resorts. The value resorts receive a lot of crap and negative opinions, but I think they’re very underrated. I find this is especially true for Art of Animation and Pop Century now. With the recent addition of the Skyliner, it’s a huge perk to staying at either one. Having two modes of transportation other than the bus is pretty nice and not common like most of your moderate and deluxe. On the note of transportation, we’ve found the buses to be faster and more frequent at the value resorts than some of the moderates and deluxes. Also, most buses don’t share other resorts. I’d also add that the theming of the value resorts is fun and great for families with kids. Imo, the value resorts are very kid friendly. The food courts might not be the most gourmet food in WDW, but you have such a wide variety of foods to choose from and of course they’re way cheaper than your sit down/table service locations. We’ve been going to Disney World since I was a kid in 2000 and most of the time we still stay at value resorts because they really are a great value. When you spend most of the time in the parks, you really don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money at a moderate or deluxe resort as it’s just a waste.

I’ll add while the rooms are on the smaller side, having the new Murphy beds allows for flexibility in the room and also increases space when not down in use. Also, I’ll just add that we’ve found the value resorts to be kept very clean and to the same standard as all the other resorts.

So yeah, I’d say value resorts are my most underrated thing at WDW. What’s yours?

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There were several comments in response to this Reddit post. Many commenters agreed about the value resorts, saying that having access to the Skyliner made a difference. Other underrated experiences Guests brought up were the gardens and waterfalls in Canada at EPCOT, the aquarium at EPCOT, walkways between Resorts and Parks, taking the boats on the lake near the Resorts, listening to music on Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom, spending more time at the Resorts, especially around the holidays, and being able to watch shows and get out of the heat.

Some commenters brought up their favorite restaurants, like the Liberty Tree Tavern, while others mentioned some of their favorite underrated rides across the Parks, like the Carousel of Progress, Gran Fiesta Tour, and DINOSAUR.

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Some shared specifics of how they enjoy their time with family doing underrated activities at the Parks. For instance, user Potatoes_4_pets shared this example:

My mom and I love to grab a coffee and people watch first thing in the morning off to the left of the castle on Main Street. Seeing people so excited to be at Disney and the early morning atmosphere is so lovely.

Additionally, user davidlex00 shared another example of spending time with family:

Sitting on the hub grass with my kid, eating ice cream together while she enjoys her new Mickey balloon. That is basically a perfect moment and cannot be rated high enough

What is your favorite underrated experience at Disney World?

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