Fans Debate: Should Disney World Guests Let Others Back In Line?

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On Tuesday, we reported a movement by thousands of Disney Parks fans for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to take action on line cutting. As we all know, lines can get long, which makes it all the more frustrating when certain Guests cheat their way to the front.

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Guests can skip the wait by utilizing the Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane service – a paid version of the now-retired FastPass. But others will try to hop from the standby line to the Lightning Lane, lie about family up ahead, or save each others’ spots to skip the wait. On rare occasions, Guests have even been rewarded by Disney Cast Members for reporting those trying to beat the system.

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This has led many Disney Park aficionados to be wary of Guests leaving the line for mundane things like bathroom breaks or diaper changes. One Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passholder took to Reddit this week to ask other fans how they handle these incidents.

“Do you let people in front of you on line? I’m reading more and more about the whole anchoring thing. A parent and their child, someone elderly, cases like that of course I’d understand and let them pass,” u/boxhall wrote. “However, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna be that guy. I’m not gonna allow big groups of people to pass my family. It’s funny but I feel like I look like the bad guy. I’m just over the growing rudeness I’m experiencing more and more.”

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Dozens of passionate Disney Parks fans responded. While most understood the Annual Passholder’s frustration, they argued it wasn’t worth confronting another Guest.

“I understand getting upset over big groups but one or two people shouldn’t bother anyone. Especially when we don’t know why they’re joining their party at a later time,” said u/pawbean18.

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Others blamed Disney for not addressing underlying issues that contribute to line-cutting.

“If I or a family member is in a queue and needs to go to the bathroom, they go. Period. It’s ridiculous that people don’t understand that,” u/mysonlikesorange wrote. “By the way, IMO Disney needs to address the long lines before we start to fight each other over going to the bathroom? 3 hour queues should not be normal. And yes this will get worse if it continues.”

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Still, some agreed with the original poster. From u/bunifarcr:

If it’s a big group of people, I usually will say something or talk to one of them but will not create a scene. I will also talk of a cast member before loading the ride. 100% of the time other riders witnessing it will back me up anyways. Unfortunately, it depends on the CM. Some will take action but most of them won’t do anything about it. 

A former Disney Cast Member warned commenters that most wouldn’t take action about line-cutting because it isn’t worth the risk. “You can be d*mn sure that without proof, any non manager or coordinator cast member would be disciplined from taking action on this. Disney will let people get away with nearly anything which doesn’t explicitly cost the company money,” said u/BondCharacterNamePun.

What do you think about line cutting at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Do you let other Guests in front of you rejoin their party? 

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