Disney Removes Toontown Landmark, Fans Question Why

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Mickey’s Toontown is set to reopen at Disneyland this March, and fans have already begun to notice a few differences in the newly renovated space from social media. While Disneyland has recently acquired several new additions, including a very impressive Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway soon to be opened, some fans have noticed the absence of a particular landmark. Where once stood a fountain of the fan-favored Roger Rabbit now lies a patch of bare, bland, fake grass, and fans aren’t happy about it.

The difference between the collection of photos is practically night and day. What once looked like a lively, cartoony area of a Disney Park now looks like a barren patch in an otherwise vibrant environment. @ShowcaseWishes is only one voice of discontent surrounding the fixture’s removal, but many others down in the comments are also jumping in on the action. Some are even suggesting that this removal was done to the detriment of tired Guests.

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Several fans share the same sentiment as @ShowcaseWishes, including @Chief_Lief who comments,

“Jeez that grass looks bad. I can’t believe they would do this just to lower the water bill by a smidge.”

While Disney hasn’t pulled some ridiculous stunts in the name of saving money, this feels like a bit of a grasp. Especially on that note about trying to conserve water. However, one additional quote brings up a rather curious, and slightly unnerving, possibility as to the company’s reason for removing the fountain.

Mickey and Minnie at Toontown
Credit: Disney

@UniversalDorks comments,

“They’re giving it the WDW treatment by removing as much seating as humanly possible.”
The Disney Parks have experimented with different methods of crowd control in the past, and this could very well be another attempt at dispersing Guests and discouraging them from congregating in high traffic areas. However, this also feels like an unneeded change that leaves Guests more dissatisfied than anything else. Pair that with the removal of something dedicated to Roger Rabbit, arguably more associated with Toontown than Mickey Mouse, and it paints a picture that will definitely leave a bad taste in fans’ mouths.
Do you think Disney should have done this, or are fans over reacting? Tell us in the comments below!


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