Create a Feast For the Ages With This Great Disney Kitchen Merch!

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Disney Kitchen

There are so many different pieces of merchandise that Disney fans love to collect, from spirit jerseys to tumblers, Mickey ears, Munchlings, and more. However, all of those fantastic collectibles can take up a lot of space, and some people just don’t have the room. But all is not lost, and there is still a great way you can celebrate your love for all things House of Mouse. We are talking about your kitchen! Disney cooking items double as not only something that’s lovely to look at, but also something incredibly useful.

Here are some of our picks for top Disney kitchen items.

Magic Fills the Air Long Apron

Just a spoonful of sugar not only helps the medicine go down, and also helps add a touch of sweetness to a lot of recipes! This Mary Poppinsthemed apron is practically perfect in every way — and it’s even customizable! The apron comes in three colors — white, khaki, and yellow — and you can add the cook’s name to the apron, so everyone will know who’s the boss in the kitchen.

Mary Poppins Apron
Credit: shopDisney

This amazing apron is machine washable and is available from shopDisney for $22.95. You can click here to purchase.

Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Delio Acacia Cheese Board with Tool Set by Picnic Time

Disney fans know that we always need to remember that it “was all started by a mouse.” And do you know what mice love? Cheese! And if you love cheese too, then this Mickey and Minnie Cheese Board is just perfect for you.

Here’s more on this Mickey and Minnie-themed cheese board.

Delight your guests with the Mickey & Minnie Mouse Delio Acacia Cheese Board, a beautifully-designed acacia cheese platter with carved areas for the full-tang stainless steel fork-tipped cheese knife and three cute little chalkboard cheese markers, each with the iconic Mouse Ears silhouette graphic. The cutting board is adorned with an adorable silhouette of Mickey & Minnie dancing! So cute! Simply use the included soapstone pencil to label your cheeses, and don’t forget to write your special message on the chalkboard area along the front edge of this unique cheese platter.

Mickey Cheese Board
Credit: Target

This great cheese board even comes with labels, so everyone knows what kind of cheese they are indulging in. This Mickey cheese board is available from for $43.60, and you can click here to purchase one for yourself or the Disney fan in your life — or for both of you!

Tiana Baking Set – The Princess and the Frog

One of the most memorable cooks in the Disney universe is Princess Tiana, who is known for her to-die-for beignets covered in powdered sugar. If you love to bake as much as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, or even if you love to bake just for you and your friends, then may we show you the Tiana Bake Set, complete with a mixing bowl, whisk, spatula, and wooden mixing spoon. This set is perfect for everyone, from the professional to the bakes-once-a-year.

Tiana Baking Set
Credit: shopDisney

This adorable bake set is available from shopDisney for $49.99, and you can purchase it by clicking here.

Tigger Figural Cake Stand

For those who love to bake, sometimes showing off your magnificent creation is just as fun as eating it. So, why not display your goodies on this amazing Tigger Cake Stand from shopDisney? The cake stand features a Tigger figurine holding up the plate with his head and behind. On the top of the plate, it says “Oh Tigger, Where Are Your Manners?”

Tigger Cake Stand
Credit: shopDisney

It is important to note that this Tigger ceramic cake stand must be washed by hand, as it is not dishwasher safe, and it is also not microwave safe. You can click here to purchase this cute cake stand for just $22.98 (it’s on sale!).

Wooden Spoons for Cooking, Bamboo Cooking Kitchen Utensils Set

Cooking can be a magical experience, and what better way to enjoy it than with this perfect Disney-themed wooden utensil set. Mickey Mouse — the one who started it all — gets two spoons in his honor, but the set also features spoons with Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto. In addition to the characters, each spoon also comes with an upbeat saying. Even better? The set comes with an equally cute container that holds all the spoons, a Mickey Mouse head silhouette, and the words “Be Happy”.

Disney Wooden Utensils
Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Click here to purchase these amazing wooden utensils from Amazon for $26.99.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Slow Cooker

Not everyone has the time to cook dinner every single night, so a slow cooker can truly become a lifesaver. You simply put all the ingredients in the cooker, set it, and forget it. By the time you are done with your day, you have a scrumptious meal ready to go! For any Disney fan, this slow cooker is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It features classic Fab 5 characters, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Daisy.

Disney slow cooker
Credit: shopDisney

You can click here to purchase this great slow cooker from shopDisney for $59.99.

Ukonic Disney Villains 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

After all of that time spent making one heck of a meal, you need some incredible dinnerware to eat it on. For that, we recommend this dinner set from Target that celebrates some of Disney’s most iconic villains — Maleficent, Jafar, the Evil Queen, and Ursula. This set comes with dinner plates, appetizer plates, bowls, and cups.

Here’s more on this one-of-a-kind set:

Show your bad side with this exclusive Disney Villain 16-piece dinnerware set. Inspired by Disney’s most popular evil-doers, this collectible dish set features a sophisticated theme. The vibrant character designs represent each villain, with a decorative touch of Baroque-style golden embellishments. The elegant theming features classic iconography, including the Cave of Wonders, Ursula’s enchanted necklace, the Magic Mirror, the Mistress of All Evil’s horns, and more. The four-person place setting will serve you and a group of villainous companions, so you can take a bite out of those delicious red apples in style. (Just make sure the Evil Queen doesn’t serve the meal.) With four unique place settings inspired by classic and new-age characters, this themed dinnerware set truly brings the magic of Disney to your kitchen table. This Disney Villain-inspired dish set features four wicked place setting themes. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Jafar from Aladdin, Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Disney villain plate set
Credit: Target

Click here to purchase this Disney Villains dinnerware set from for $99.99.

We hope that you love these Disney kitchen pieces as much as we do! There’s so much here for you to cook a heck of a meal and celebrate your love of Disney at the same time. Happy shopping and even happier cooking!

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