Child’s Foot “Crushed” on Universal Orlando Attraction

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Universal Orlando Resort draws in Guests from all over the world each and every day.

Whether you are visiting Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, or Universal’s Volcano Bay, you’re certain to have an epic time with all kinds of awesome attractions to enjoy, like Revenge of the Mummy, MEN IN BLACK: Alien Attack, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Jurassic World VelociCoaster, Jurassic Park River Adventure, and, of course, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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If you’re an avid Universal Orlando fan, you know that there are some classics at Universal Studios Florida that simply must be experienced when you head to the theme park.

Though fans love nostalgia, there are actually only two Universal Studios Florida originals remaining in the theme park: E.T. Adventure Ride and Universal Orlando’s Horror Makeup Show.

While E.T. Adventure is an absolute classic, it seems that an accident occurred on the attraction.

Boy's foot crushed on Universal Studio's E.T. ride, seeking $15,000 in damages
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According to reports from the Orlando Sentinel, Universal Orlando was ordered to pay a family after an 11-year-old boy’s foot was “crushed” while experiencing the attraction.

“Court records show Universal was ordered to pay an annuity to Tiago through a life insurance company, but the specific amount was not disclosed, and the rest of the settlement is confidential,” the report indicates. “The case was dismissed by the court on January 12.” 

For those unfamiliar with the attraction, the E.T. Adventure Ride seats suspend Guests in bike seats where their feet either dangle  or rest on “pedals.”

E.T. holdings a clear globe and looks at a green plant.
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The lawsuit alleges that the 11-year-old boy, named Tiago, had his feet inside the ride vehicle but that “his feet dangled off the bike’s pedals.”

The lawsuit also says that the boy and his mother were Portuguese and could not read the posted warning signs in English at the attraction. Court documents do note that Universal offers Park Maps in Portuguese that translate signs all around the theme park, including the warning signs posted at the Universal Orlando attraction.

Universal denied the family’s allegations, saying that the boy was injured due to negligence.

On E.T. Adventure, you’ll “ride with E.T. to his home planet.” The attraction shares that E.T.’s home planet is dying and he needs your help to save it. Board your flying bike and take off on a thrilling (but gentle) ride through the sky. You’ll dodge bad guys and soar into the stars where his magical home awaits, filled with wondrous otherworldly creatures.

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