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  1. Lyn

    9 out 10 accidents are due to people not following the rules. Why do foreigners come to the USA and not feel responsible for their actions and blame their ignorance of not speaking English as the cause?

    1. Lori


    2. Andrea

      That right there, and they have apps these days that translate from English to hundreds of other languages. There’s no longer any excuses…

    3. Andrea

      That right there, They come here don’t even bother to learn any English whatsoever, not even enough to get by on then want to blame others when something happens to them, and there’s absolutely no excuse anymore, thanks to mobile phone apps that have the ability to translate English into hundreds of different languages. At that point, I credit this incident to pure laziness.

      1. Carol

        And they will sue universal and win

        1. CM

          They didn’t win, it got dismissed & they just got paid off

    4. Samuel

      Your stats are right, but why do you expect a foreigner who enters our Country to learn English prior to doing so? How many of us (Americans) learn another language (IF) we decide to travel outside of the country. And that’s a big IF! In addition, I semi agree with you when you say many park goers are negligent. But, most manufacturers nowadays add extra safety features to their coasters to avoid said negligence. I’m a coaster enthusiast and know a lot about them. One of the biggest changes is creating additional space between “near miss” elements and a Human Limb. I’m glad it got settled out of court, but in my opinion, the kid wouldn’t have stuck his foot out, or the mother wouldn’t have allowed this if they knew they’d get injured. Accidents happen, and thanks to our justice/deregulation system in America, suing is just natural, and foreigners are taking that opportunity as they would have had they been American.

  2. Chris Wood

    I bet this family is well versed in understanding the American dollars!

    1. Opinionated

      Why doesn’t Universal Studios and Disney built parks in South America? It would prevent many people from South America from coming to the USA. They already have parks in Europe and Asia.

      1. Bon

        Most are very dangerous snd corrupt

        1. Charlene Szarek

          The rides or the Brazilians?

          1. Doc S

            🙂 🙂 🙂 that is such a humorous response

      2. Absolutely right

  3. Carol

    Totally agree with the other comments. You are in the US and should learn the language; to claim otherwise is just ignorance!

    1. Sandi

      They were here on vacation and you want them to learn English for that??

      1. KL

        Would you go to Europe without knowing any of the language at all? Germany France without knowing anything?

        1. BT

          Bad take, those countries also speak English.

        2. Bon

          4 years in Deutschland and quickly picked up enough to get buy

        3. Alex

          I have been to 36 countries. Didn’t speak any of those languages. That’s a dumb comment. Who even has time or energy to learn the language of every country they travel to. However, I do agree that this is the fault of the family. There are translation apps

      2. D

        And for my next excuse…

      3. Charlene Szarek

        Universal has special park maps that are in Portuguese ,so there’s no excuse.

      4. Charlene Szarek

        Universal has park maps that are in Portuguese so there’s no excuse.

    2. Aaron

      Just admit you’re racist Carol

    3. Just me

      Learn the language? USA doesn’t have an official language.

  4. D

    The lawsuit was from 2019. Family was asking for $15k in damages.

  5. Danielle

    Most likely Brazilians…$15,000 dollars today is around $75,000 reais…this is a case of common sense…the signs are posted, and why are you hanging your feet, or any body part off a ride…

    1. Was someone in there party.
      There know Portuguese and English that could translate so the boy could understand the rules.

      1. Charlene Szarek

        Universal has park maps translated in Portuguese

  6. Opinionated

    Why doesn’t Universal Studios and Disney built parks in South America? It would prevent many people from South America having to the USA to visit the parks. Disney already have parks in Europe and Asia.

  7. Johnny

    Let’s be honest for you to injure yourself in ET you have to be trying too. If it was an intense ride I could believe it more but ET is a soothing relaxing experience.

  8. D

    Next time I go to Portugal, I want everyone speaking English, and all signs in English

  9. Kevin

    People should not have to speak English on vacation, that is just asinine and quite ignorant. However, hurting yourself on E.T. seems unlikely and intentional. Overall, the amount they asked is not for profit, just the medical bills, so it was a gouge but just an ask for help which Universal did. Good on them for helping out.

    1. Kevin

      was not a gouge…oops

  10. Frank

    $15k is merely a jurisdictional amount alleged to get into circuit court – sure the annuity was for much more as part of structured settlement
    Weird because Universal once owned Wet n Wild where all signs had Portuguese 20 years ago because of lawsuits and so many Brazilians visit Orlando

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