Major Changes to Genie+ Now Available on the Disneyland App

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This story has been updated since it was published.

Genie+ has been a sore subject for many Disney Parks-goers for a while now. And with record prices for Genie+ soaring at Disney World, it’s becoming more expensive and less attainable for some Guests who are already spending a small fortune on their Disney vacation.

However, earlier this week, we reported how there would be modifications to the Genie+ system within both the Disneyland and Disney World apps that might help Guests using this service.

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This update would let Guests modify their Lightning Lane experiences in the app and look for other attraction windows. Guests could then be able to get Lightning Lane access to different rides as well as modify reservations without losing the original one, which was a pain point before for Guests.

Though many Guests were originally upset with how the Genie+ and Lightning Lane paid services have taken over the previous, free FastPass system, these new flexibility options may have softened the blow that Genie+ and Lightning Lane first gave Guests.

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We were originally told that these new changes would be available within a week or so, but reporter @ScottGustin Tweeted today that these new changes are now live in the Disneyland app:

Genie+ Lightning Lane modifications are now live in the Disneyland app. You’ll need to update the app (version 7.19) before you can use the new feature.

I just received the app update notification – but you may need to manually update in app store.

Gustin then shared how to update the Genie+ Lightning Lane in a follow-up Tweet:

To modify Genie+ Lightning Lane:

1. Update the app to 7.19
2. Go to your LL selection, tap 3 dots
3. Go to “Modify Plan”
4. Find a new attraction/time and select “Change To This Time”

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Gustin also mentioned how this app update is not yet available for the Walt Disney World Resort app but will most likely be soon.

Update: We recently learned that these updates are now available in the Walt Disney World app, per Scott Gustin’s Tweet:

Update: The WDW app update is now available (version 7.19) and includes ability to modify Genie+ Lightning Lane bookings.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Guests respond to these new modifications and if they will help or hurt the Park experience in the long run.

What do you think of these new updates to Genie+ and Lightning Lane? Have you ever used these services before? Share your experience in the comments!

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