Have You Tried This Soarin’ Hack?

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Soarin' Wow

Soarin’ is one of the most immersive attractions in all of the Disney Parks. While there’s definitely a soft spot for the Californian variation, Soarin’ Around the World provides a wider variety of sights, sounds, and smells from various countries and environments. Known for taking EPCOT guests on an incredible sensory journey, the attraction has become one of the most popular experiences at the Park. However, there might be a secret to getting the best seats in the house.

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EPCOT has always been known for the experimental and the sensational theme park Experience, and Soarin’ is a prime example of this method of thinking. As Disney’s futuristic Park, it allowed the company to try out new and exciting things other theme parks couldn’t do. Next to attractions like Test Track and Mission: SPACE, it’s definitely an experience that was ahead of its time when it first premiered, and Guests have been flying high ever since.

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For those unfamiliar with the ride, Soarin’ is a flying simulation that relies on incredible Disney Imagineering to create an immersive hang-gliding experience without ever leaving the theatre. With the average wait time clocking in at over an hour, the ride fills up incredibly fast, and sometimes those better seats can be filled up incredibly fast. Fortunately, @themouselets on TikTok have a Disney hack that can help land the best views of this trip around the globe.


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The post from @themouselets states that row B1 for the best and least obstructed view of the entire experience. Guests might have to wait a little longer for the spot to open, but the experience speaks for itself. It should be distinctly understood that Cast. Member permission is  required for this hack, and the spot is not always going to be available on request. That being said, it’s still the ideal sensation for the ride, especially if its a Guest’s first time embarking on the journey.

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in Disney Parks, Walt Disney World

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