Disney Star Arrested After Chasing Man With Knife

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A former Disney star is being charged with a domestic violence misdemeanor after an incident occurred over the weekend.

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Orlando Brown, 35, was arrested and charged with an “aggravated menacing charge” after allegedly chasing a man with a broken off knife blade and a hammer.

Inside the Magic previously reported on this incident and now more details have now come forward.

According to reports from the New York Post, Brown is still in custody currently and will be under house arrest if his $25,000 bond is paid. The actor, known for his role in the Disney Channel TV series That’s So Raven, has faced issues in the past and admitted a couple of years ago to a drug addiction.

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A man named Matthew Sanders told police he had been allowing the actor to live in a home he was renovating for the past two weeks because the actor “is homeless” and he “did not want him to go to a homeless shelter.” Sanders is identified as a “blood brother” of Brown in the police report.

When he showed up at the house, Matthew said that Orlando “started acting in a crazy manner.”

“Matthew said as he got up to the house, Orlando came out. Orlando had a hammer in one hand and a broken-off knife blade in the other hand,” the report stated. “Matthew said Orlando said he (Matthew) was raping his wife (Orlando’s wife), and he was going to get him for that. Orlando was swinging both of the items at Matthew, but he did not make contact with him. Orlando eventually put the items down.”

“It appeared to officers that Orlando suffers from mental disorders and is delusional,” the police report also said.

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Orlando went on the Dr. Phil show in 2018 and the interview turned south when he claimed to Michael Jackson‘s son, and then later claimed to be Will Smith‘s son. Dr. Phil said that the actor may have neurological disruptions, which would cloud his thinking. Things seemed to get better a couple of years later when Orlando admitted to substance abuse during a church service and underwent treatment, and this was the last time that the actor had been featured in major news.

Inside the Magic will keep you updated on the latest with this investigation.

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