California Theme Park Modifies Safety Policies Based on Positive Trends

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A popular California theme park recently updated its code of conduct and safety policies due to positive trends.

It’s no secret that Knott’s Berry Farm, one of California’s most famous theme parks, has dealt with rather unpleasant situations lately. With Guests behaving disruptively and assaulting theme park employees, violent fights breaking out at the theme park, and even a gun threat earlier this year, Knott’s Berry Farm officials have been forced to take drastic measures, introducing strict safety measures to ensure the safety of all Guests and employees.

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Earlier this year, Knott’s Berry Farm introduced a chaperone policy, requiring all Guests 17 years old and younger to be accompanied by a chaperone at least 21 years old. This new policy was initially applicable during the weekends but has recently been modified.

As shared by Knott’s Berry Farm (@knotts) on Twitter, the Park updated its chaperone policy on December 7, 2022, based on the positive trends resulting from the current policy. The complete statement reads, “Based on the positive trends resulting from the current chaperone policy and improved security protocols, we are modifying the chaperone policy to be in effect on Saturdays only, while being prepared to make additional future policy adjustments as needed. Please check for the latest updates.”

Knott’s Berry Farm Chaperone Policy Update 12.7.22

Per the official Knott’s Berry Farm website, this is the only change being made to the chaperone policy at the moment, as all general Park Guests ages 17 years old and younger still need to be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 21 years old, and one chaperone may accompany no more than five Guests per day. You can click here to read the full conditions of this policy.

While the California theme park only stated the change to the dates the chaperone policy is effective on — Saturdays only — the Park’s statement leaves room to assume that if Guest behavior continues to show positive trends at the California theme park, officials may consider revoking it altogether. However, this is purely speculative as of this article’s publishing.

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Inside the Magic will keep you updated as more information becomes available on future changes to the chaperone policy at Knott’s Berry Farm.

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