‘Spider-Man’ Series Tease Bad Changes Incoming

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Tom Holland looking forlorn as Spider-Man without a mask

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Not everything Marvel does is right, and their decisions for a new Spider-Man series might result in a disaster.

Kevin Feige talking to Tom Holland
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Marvel has seen plenty of projects suffer from mistakes. Sometimes, they can salvage the situation, like bringing Anson Mount’s Black Bolt into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) after giving him a terrible TV series (Inhumans).

Phase Four has had a rocky road, with several projects leaving fans unsatisfied due to poor writing or bad CGI. Visual effects have been a struggle for Marvel lately as other VFX companies have spoken out about Marvel’s lousy reputation for demanding bizarre changes at the last minute and giving employees impossible deadlines.

Peter Parker meeting Norman Osborn
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With Spider-Man, fans eagerly look forward to Spider-Man: Freshman Year, but the second installment might not be as great as fans originally thought. Despite boasting a long list of villains, crew members from the project have already started to share that they are looking for new work after finishing Freshman Year.

A Reddit post from u/ben123111 confirms that Marvel is already planning to replace certain crew members before work begins in Spider-Man: Sophomore Year, leaving some workers eyeing other work and sad that their work dynamic will be changed. With the animated project set to cover four seasons — the four years of Spider-Man’s time in High School — this doesn’t look good for the project’s future.

All of the different Spider-Man costumes
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Cryptic tweets from the crew began to surface as their shared their disappointment with the decision but don’t explain why Marvel is replacing certain workers. Here are a few of their tweets:

It sucks cause unless they change their mind within the next few weeks, it won’t be the same amazing crew for season 2 and I think that’s what’s really heart

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Season 1 is already so good like I’ve never felt this excited about working on a show before and with such a good crew. I think thats the biggest killer for me is everything was kind of wonderful :\

well its not GREAT news but I’ll probably be looking for board work soon like ….literally everyone else in the industry

welp….just got some news abt work and im feeling….alot of things, dont know when my end date is but i’ll be keeping my eye out for new work…until then im just gonna draw hot anime boys and process

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This decision may shock fans, but it could lead to Sophomore Year arriving a little later than expected. Already, Freshman Year is set to debut in 2024, meaning that the second season wouldn’t arrive for another year, but that could now change. Some fans might have several years to finally see this new story about Spider-Man fleshed out, but at least it won’t impact the current MCU Spider-Man.

Due to the Multiverse, Tom Holland will voice Peter Parker, but the animated series is focusing on another variant of Peter where Norman Osborn is his mentor, and he works with characters like Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, who wears a black costume. This Peter will also fight many well-known Spider-Man villains, with the potential to see the Sinister Six onscreen sooner or later.

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