Marvel Doesn’t Want to Talk About Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Origins

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While Tom Holland’s Spider-Man may have skipped past his origin story, Marvel has no intention of explaining how Holland’s Peter Parker got his web-slinging abilities.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
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It’s been a while since fans have seen Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU. After Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), fans haven’t seen the web-slinger again, but he will be back as he will star in Spider-Man 4. Sony and Marvel are still in early development on the film.

Some reports indicate that the movie could include a team-up with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil as the movie might focus on the aftermath of Daredevil: Born Again, which would be an incredible crossover. Unlike before, Spider-Man is finally stuck dealing with smaller stake battles as he is no longer an Avenger and doesn’t have to deal with a multiversal threat like he did in No Way Home.

Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, and Andrew Garfield as SPider-man
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Even though Spider-Man’s story continues in the MCU, fans really want to learn about Spider-Man’s origins, and a new book about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man reveals the sad truth. “With Great Power,” written by Christopher Markus, shares how Marvel won’t talk about how Peter got his powers in the MCU, but you can probably blame a radioactive spider:

“I mean, God knows there would have to be something not unlike that, probably… But no, I wouldn’t say… I mean, I think he was bitten by a radioactive spider on a field trip. We never talked about that either, but I think that’s what happened.”

Spider-Man No Way Home
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In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002), fans saw a radioactive spider bite Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker and that’s how he got his abilities. It seems that Holland’s Peter Parker faced the same fate, but fans will probably never know. Jon Watts, the director of all of the MCU Spider-Man films was happy he never had to deal with Spidey’s origins in a movie:

“It was just so nice to skip past it and just deal with more with the repercussions… and just explore it from the perspective of someone else finding out about it and having a lot of questions.”

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After two reboots in the past several years, it made sense that Marvel was weary of doing the same thing again with Spidey’s origins, but that didn’t mean that fans didn’t want to learn more about Holland’s origins into becoming Spider-Man. Before Robert Downey Jr. grabbed the young Brooklyn kid, he was saving people in the streets, and fans would agree that this story is worth telling.

Marvel has other ideas as Spider-Man’s new animation series, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, will focus on exploring Spider-Man’s origins from a variant of Peter Parker in a story that includes a considerable amount of villains and heroes like Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in a black costume. Spider-Man: Freshman Year could’ve been the perfect project, but Marvel wanted to tell a story about a Spider-Man facing iconic villains such as Norman Osborn, Doctor Octopus, etc.

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